What to do if I can't make my surf trip?

Discussion in 'Indonesia' started by Seth Allen, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Seth Allen

    Seth Allen New Member

    I booked a surf trip to the Telo Island Lodge in Indonesia for July of 2017 and won't be able to make the trip. Trips are non-refundable but if I find a replacement I can get the refund. The trip is fully paid and I'm willing to knock $500 off what I paid if you'll take my spot. If July doesn't work they said I could fill any spot during 2017 and they'd release the trip and refund the difference in cost if any. If interested I'll put you in touch directly with the bookings manager and you'd pay them direct. Hopefully 2018 is my year to get out there!

    Also, if anyone knows the best place to post this, please let me know!


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