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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by NatalieRoss, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. NatalieRoss

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    Having been to Faro several times I wanted to share some suggestions on what to do. First, let me say that Faro isn't a popular tourist destination but the old town behind the city walls is nice enough for a 2-hour stroll. Aside from that, you can take boat trips out to the marshes and take day trips to nearby towns like Tavira and Milreu.
  2. Ontour99

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    On e boat ride I recommend is to Deserta Island (aka Ilha Deserta). The boat ride there is nice and the view as you approach the island is amazing! Walking around the Old town is also a must and you gotta climb up the bell tower of the cathedral for the views.
  3. Thetravelflex

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    I loved staying in Faro as it was a great base for exploring the Algarve's beaches and golf resorts. I suggest going for walks around Faro and visit the Mercado Municipal and Largo do Carmo square which has a church where you can see inside it the macabre Chapel of Bones.

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