what to do in greater Omaha area

Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by MorenoStrike, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. MorenoStrike

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    having grown up in greater Omaha area, my suggestions for things to do would be:
    1) eat steak at Anthony's or Piccolo Pete's, though there are many steakhouses to choose from (just ask around the locals).
    2) Next, I suggest going to the zoo, even if you don't have kids. This zoo is consistently ranked in the top zoos of the country year after year.
    3) check out the College World Series if you are visiting in June.
    4) Visit the Strategic Air & Space Museum and the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari. 5)shopping at the Old Market in Omaha.
  2. wanderer

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    I adore Omaha! There's so much to do here that you wouldn't believe. The arts are really doing well there, too, plus you have the river, and great food in the Old Market District. I just love the Dunham Museum in the old Omaha Union Station. It's really neat and the space is spectacular!
  3. Qaretop

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    I've been to the Strategic Air musuem a couple of times and I think it's an awesome place for anyone who is interested in aviation. Thy have some truly rare displays of one of a kind aircraft such as a restored B-29, a B-1A bomber (one of only 4 built), a B-58 Hustler, a B-36 and many others. Consider spending 2 hours at least probably more like 3-4 if you bring the kids along.


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