what to do in Guam in 7 hours

Discussion in 'Guam' started by werttdd, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. werttdd

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    if you're going to be in Guam on a cruise and you only a few hours there, I suggest hiring a car to maximise your time around the entire island. You can see a few of the sites like war in the pacific park, which has a few ww2 relics. Also, if you drive all the way to the south of the island, you can see the area where the spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan landed.
  2. Dwele

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    Taking a sightseeing bus tour of Guam is the best way to go about it. You can pretty much see Guam’s cultural and historical landmarks like Paseo Park, Proa, the War Museum, Fort Apugan, Latte Stone Park, Plaza De Espana, and Two Lover’s Point in just 3 hours. A bus tour will cost about $26.
  3. duncanKolo

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    A bus tour is cool but you can easily do it yourself in Guam because getting around in the island is easy because of the many tourist buses, public transport and rental cars available. I think car rental is around $40 for a small compact sedan.
  4. Zero771

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    Don't forget to go swimming and snorkeling at the beach. I recommend going to Tumon Bay for swimming and Piti Bombs Holes for snorkeling. Also, try and visit the Underwater World aquarium, the Fish Eye Observatory, Two Lover’s Point, etc, and take the Sea Walkers tour and a helicopter tour of the island.
  5. karlinlee

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    As you got a limited time of 7 hours I think taking a car is good option lots of things related to ww2. You can visit underwater park, chamorro village and so much.

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