what to do in kyrgyzstan

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  1. leonM

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    Kyrgyzstan is such a magical country...along with Mongolia and Tajikistan they're the three hidden gems in central Asia. Having been there a few times, Kyrgyzstan strikingly reminds me such much of Mongolia because of the rugged mountains and lovely lakes. Trekking, kayaking and climbing are the main things to do there. Kyrgyzstan is really a paradise for adventure lovers!
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    Kyrgystan is surely an amazing country, which I cannot wait to come back to. While you there, you really have to experience the local way of life by staying with a local family in their yourt (round felt tents). You will be able to do cool stuff like go horse riding and galop across the planes and along the lovely Lake Son Kol. Ask in bishkek, for more info on finding a local family that accept guests in their yourt.

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