what to do in Utila Isand?

Discussion in 'Honduras' started by supha, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. supha

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    Hi -- we're backpackers and planning a trip to Roatan and Utila in May'09. is it the best time to watch wales & sharks in Utila Island? also please advice on backpackers hostels/hotels in Utila for 2 weeks. and if you been there can u explain what to do in Utila Isand?
  2. froggies

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    hi, there are plenty of great things to do in Utila Isand. I have been to Honduras 4 times and visited this island twice. If you want to see the fantastic view of the island, just climb Pumpkin hill and get a good view. scuba diving is very popular here but I haven't experienced. If you are scuba diver then this island is a paradise for you. There are nice beaches located all around the island of Utila with crystal clear water and nice breeze, so take a break and enjoy your trip!
  3. supha

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    thanks for the reply.is it possible to go to water cay from Utila island and how far is it? we like to be in Water cay in the 1st weekend of August for a music and dance fiesta, so please help asap.
  4. Andrew

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    Ya, you can go and water taxi is one of the transportation from Utila island to water cay, it's only 6 miles and takes approx. 30 minutes. Water Caye beach is popular for barbeques and star-gazing. Also it's a home to one of the pupular events of Honduras, yes the famous 2 days music and dancing fiesta held here in the 1st weekend of august every year. And you are very lucky to be there, enjoy!

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