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    Not many people seem to be aware of Aruba or have heard of it, but this Caribbean island is beautiful. Aruba lies 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, and boasts miles of beautiful sand beaches. Aruba is super tiny (only 20 miles long x 6 miles wide) and it's part of the the Dutch Antilles islands (with its neighbors Bonaire and Curacao).

    Has anyone been to Aruba recently? what do you like about it?
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    if you are only there for a week, it's best you book a 1/2 or 1 day guided tour of the island tour and see all the highlights. As far as what to expect, don't expect huge amenities and tons of attractions. Aruba is a desert with mostly man-made landmarks..expect mostly nature, goats and beautiful beaches.
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    Before You Go To Aruba

    Aruba is great for adventure but don't expect too much because Aruba is about 18 miles long and 7 miles wide (the entire island can be seen in one full day by car).. I suggest NOT to exchange your U.S. money over to Aruban money (Florins) because they prefer U.S. money. Furthermore, most places in Aruba will simply not accept Aruban Florins.
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    Yeah. Great question! As always, I expect safety, wonderful restaurants, relaxing time on Palm Beach great Aruba accommodation, great local people, warm Caribbean waters, reading my favorite authors on the beach, a few tries at the casino, walks along the beach with DW and more than one icy cold Amstel Bright! Aruba Home and vacation Rentals at http://aruba-accommodation.com/
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    I have been to Aruba and I have seen a lot. What I love about Aruba is the food!! Pastéchis for example. They eat a lot of meat there and also fried food (fried rice, fried chicken, fried fish, thick pancakes at Wendy's). The beaches are incredibly gorgeous and crystal clear. The flamingo's are cute. The people are chill, they like to have fun SIN STRESS (not stressed out) and if you want to go out in Aruba, experience the nightlife, you'll be amazed by how good they can dance. They do Bachata, Salsa (all these secy dances with a lot of hips and booty movements).
    Though I have to say: don't walk on the streets when it's dark, because the police there are lazy and the way they drive there is a bit dangerous. Even though Aruba only has a few roundabouts and a few main roads.

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