what to expect in Slovenia

Discussion in 'Slovenia' started by 5more2go, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. 5more2go

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    hi, i've never been to Slovenia before and i am not sure what to expect there. Do they speak English over there and are people friendly?
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    You won't have to worry about a language barrier as most of the population speaks English and will quite readily speak with you.

    If you're visiting Slovenia for the first time, you will be charmed by not only the beauty of the land and natural surroundings that offer so many outdoor opportunities, but also by the people and their delightful culture.

    If you happen to be in the mountainous areas, most of the locals are very friendly, and it is common to greet people with "Dober dan," meaning "good day," and to part with "Srecno," which means "good luck."

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