what to expect in South Korea

Discussion in 'South Korea' started by 888crazu, May 19, 2010.

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    We're opting for a trip to South Korea over Japan but we're still not sure about this..what is it like there and can we expect in South Korea?
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    hi there,

    South Korea is a mixture and bend of old traditional values and technology. On one hand you will find huge skyscrapers, luxury hotels and cool gadgets; on the other hand, you'll find ancient Buddhist temples.

    South Korea also boasts superb attractions and lovely cuisine, including the ubiquitous kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish prepared from Napa Cabbage, scallions, and ground pepper and then fermented in brine.

    South Korea's capital, Seoul, is the world's second-largest metropolitan area and one of the most popular tourist destinations as well.

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