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    One of the main things you will notice about Tajikistan is that it hasn't got a very developed tourist infrastructure, perhaps because Tajikistan is mostly mountainous. Many of the roads are closed during the winter as they become impassable which means you will have to fly to get around. There isn't a bus network to speak of, aside from small bus vans but there are plenty of shared taxis which is what everyone uses. Overall, you can expect in Tajikistan : traditional yurts, shepherds and stunning mountain views.
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    Tajikistan is a poor country but full of kind and welcoming people. It's not overrun by tourists and it's relatively cheap, which means your money will go along way there. Knowing some basic Russian will help you along the way, especially when buying in the markets. As far as the exchange rate, 1 TJS in USD = 30 cents.
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    Yep, Tajikistan is the poorest country in Central Asia and not very developed, but like most so called poor countries, Tajikistan is rich in natural resources. I think is great tourism isn't developed here because it won't really benefit the country but a few. What drew me to Tajikistan was wanting to explore the back country of the Pamir, which boasts the most amazing terrain!
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    That's quite an exchange rate. Did you know there's a teahouse in Boulder, Colorado is based on a teahouse in Tajikistan? It's called the Boulder Teahouse and was a gift from its sister city of Dushanbe. Tea is quite the tradition in Tajikistan!

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