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Discussion in 'Israel' started by weopt, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. weopt

    weopt New Member

    hi, This summer we are looking for a vacation in Israel and I was wondering what Tel Aviv might be like..any has any suggestions on must-see attractions, festivals, etc..?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi there,

    Tel Aviv is a vibrant and more cosmopolitan city than Jerusalem and it is a UNESCO Site, boasting shopping malls, boutiques, great nightlife and dining

    Cultural-wise, one of the things to do in Tel Aviv it's to visit the old port of Jaffa, and enjoy walking tours of the city.

    If you travel to Tel Aviv, summer is a good time, as you can catch the White Night Festival in late June or early July, and enjoy the city's street celebrations.
  3. shoemaker

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    Tel Aviv Is very lively city, with great beaches and one of the best night life in all of europe...
  4. david1234

    david1234 New Member

    Tel Aviv is really a nice city to be in in the summer with good night lifw beautiful beaches and restaurants and many attractions.

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