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    Contrary to what you may think, South Korea is a safe, relatively friendly country, where you don't have to worry about safety issues. I suggest you to always carry cash with you if you plan to stay in smaller towns like Gyeongju, Andong and Pusan. These small towns won't have ATMs that accepting foreigner cards.
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    Not only south korea but north korea also gets a bad rap on the western media, especially back in america. I think you have more chance to be killed or suffer harm back in the states than in most parts of the world. On that note, there are things you should not expect in south korea like being very crowded. Just like japan, south korea is so busy and compact is unreal (even for a new yorker like me).
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    don't expect the stereotype in korea

    boy..just google what to expect in north korea and all you get is "north korea" is dangerous, nuclear tests, blah blah..i've never seen so much blatant bias propaganda in my entire life. I have been to korea and it's an enigmatic country for sure..what i liked is that the cost of public transportation is cheap: a bus and subway ticket is about $1 per trip with free transfers.
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    accommodation in korea

    yep, crazy reporting going on over there with North Korea about NK wanting to attack SK again but it hardly bothers most South Koreans so you should definitely not live in fear of invasion. the only thing you have to worry about is your wallet. Hotels are super expensive and motels aren't much cheaper..around the $80-$100 range for a night.

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