What to See in Marrakech

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    hey guys,

    what do you recommend or suggest to see in Marrakech..we're planning to be there for 10 days only so I appreciate some input, Many Thanks
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    Re: What to See in Marrakesh

    hi there,

    Some of the must-see attractions in Marrakesh are as follows:

    -Visit Marrakech Souqs or markets where you can get amazing Moroccan craft as well as souvenirs.

    -the Musuem of Islamic Art which includes some good examples of Moroccan tribal art, carpets, jeweler, and pottery.

    -the Saadian Tombs of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour and his family. These tombs are beautifully preserved and the intricate mosaic is stunning.

    -the Ramparts of Marrakesh which is a great place to walk around and admire each gate and walls which run for twelve miles.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: What to See in Marrakesh

    1. Jma El Fna - the main square during the day you can shop the souks and at night it's very lively with restaurants and street performers. The Koutubia Mosque at night is beautiful.
    2. Gueliz district - cool shops, restaurants, cafes
    3. Le Jardin Marjorelle & museum of Islamic art- beautiful gardens owned by Ives St Laurent
    4. Saadian tombs & Marrekch Art Museum
    5. All the different souks (jewelry, spices, shoes, leather goods.

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