what's going on with the Falkland Islands?

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands' started by Ola(), Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Ola()

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    im a little confused about the situation in the islands after hearing cruises being turned away from Argentina's ports. I wanted to plan for a trip the islands and also Argentina, is this not possible now? by the way do they stamp your passport? I love having stamps from everywhere I have gone and Falkland Islands is such a unique place I wouldn't want to miss their stamp:)
  2. OportoKL

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    UK fishing ships banned

    they have banned UK fishing ships from their ports and they have turned away cruise ships for having visited the Falkland Islands. There is also a ban on charter flights to the Islands, as well as a air restrictions to Chile to one flight a week. as far as stamping passports, yes you will get your pass stamped at the Falkland Islands.
  3. MisterP

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    Second Falkland Islands war?

    it seems silly to me to hear about the tensions between Argentina and the UK over a group of tiny islands which are known as the Falklands or and Las Malvinas to the Argentines. the interesting thing is that apparently the people that live in the islands want to remain Citizens of the United Kingdom but the Argentines are not having it! It seems as a second Falkland war may be looming!
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    Royal war ship sent to the islands

    I don't know about this malvinas war tbh...the uk is already involved in way too many wars then, again who knows. The Royal Navy has sent a warship to the island to deter the Argentinians. Where will this end? time will tell but one thing is for sure, this is def hurting tourism.

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