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Discussion in 'Nevada' started by travellerGo, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. travellerGo

    travellerGo New Member

    I have been to Las Vegas in the last two years. what's new in Vegas since then?
  2. SittingINN

    SittingINN New Member

    it depends...what have you seen in Vegas already? you'll be surprised to learn about attractions in Vegas that have been there for years and you never knew about them. have you been to Mt. Charlston, the train tunnels at lake mead or the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge? I know there are not new attractions but if you've never been to them, there'll be new to you;)
  3. armadasSpan

    armadasSpan New Member

    what's on in Vegas

    Margaritaville casino/bar opened at the Flamingo last October. I also heard Sam's Town was redoing their laser/fountain show and refurbishing the hotel. Also, Mob museum opened last Valentine's Day, while Lion habitat closed at MGM (think end Jan). I'm sure by the time you visit Vegas again, there will be new attractions opening (lol).
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    The Blue Men group are on the move, too. They're now playing at the Monte Carlo and they've updated the show too.
  5. travellerGo

    travellerGo New Member

    I never been in Mt. Charlston and in the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge. I am hearing a lot of nice feedback and recommendation on both places so hopefully I can visit these places soon.... thx!!!

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