What's next for airline fees?

Discussion in 'Flights' started by krainey, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. krainey

    krainey New Member

    A few of us created this list for fun after a couple of conversations about what airlines were going to charge for next. We haven't heard any of these discussed, fortunately, but here's our list of the top 10 new airline fees to watch out for ...

    Top 10 New Airline Fees for ...
    1. Seatbelts
    2. Coin-operated sinks and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms
    3. Reading lights
    4. Rent-a-tray table
    5. Surcharge to have the kid behind you quit kicking your seat
    6. Standing in line
    7. Fee to print your tickets at the airport
    8. Napkin/plastic cup removal fee
    9. Peanuts are free, but it costs extra for pretzels or snack mix
    10. Fee to turn on your cell phone upon landing

    Any others to add to the list?
  2. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Re: What's next for airlines fees?

    It does seems like the airlines hire people full time to think of new fees. How about: flight attendant attention fee? Fee for earphones? Fee for reclining your seat?

    Let's hope it doesn't come to this. ;)
  3. isjustcrasg

    isjustcrasg New Member

    more and more airlines fees

    haha..."Surcharge to have the kid behind you quit kicking your seat"... that's one hilarious list Krainey! Ryanair and others is already charging their passengers for using the bathrooms. Can you believe that? it's not like we have other options.

    Other airline fees to add to the list:

    11. A fee for the pilot to landing the plane (an extra fee if you want a safe landing)
  4. icansee34

    icansee34 New Member

    Ryanair's leading the race

    Fun post about airline fees, and talking about Ryanair did you guys hear that they wanted to charge a fee to passengers who didn't print out their own boarding passes before arriving at the airport? Luckily, this was ruled against so Ryanair cannot legally demand customers to show up with their boarding passes, or charging them $54 if they don't.
  5. AliCat

    AliCat New Member

    Re: What's next for airlines fees?

    Wasn't Ryanair the same carrier that wanted to charge for the bathrooms? I flew them when I was in Europe, and I wouldn't mind paying for the restroom if I could still get a ticket for 14 euros, which is what I paid for flights from London to Frankfurt and to Venice, but I think those days are done.

    Here's my addition to the list:
    12. Fees for "extras" in your drink, such as cream for the coffee or ice for your soda.
  6. everybodyfee

    everybodyfee New Member

    boycott the airline fees

    all these airline fees are nothing but a way for the "big cats" to rob us "little cats" blindly. What is next for airlines fees you ask..I don’t really care. I am boycotting the airlines. I have been doing it now for over two years. If I take a vacation I travel by car now.
  7. uallcomes

    uallcomes New Member

    what will they think next?

    boycotting the airlines is one way to show our discontent but flying is fun especially since you can’t go by car to much of the world! Still, it isn't fair how they are raising prices, charging for extras, and coming up with new extra fees like "fees for seats"...what will they think next? charging passengers for air?

  8. sag-alu

    sag-alu New Member

    airline fees

    if they were to impose a fee for standing up in line I guess we could always sit down in line and avoid the fee. Funny though, how we are all talking about this since I can actually see airlines implementing many of the items you listed.
  9. everyday34

    everyday34 New Member

    airline fees

    Charges for meals, entertainment, and blankets seem reasonable, but charging people to print out boarding passes and using restrooms is a disgrace by the likes of Ryanair. The way to go is to be part of a loyalty program since you will avoid fees by being members of airline loyalty programs.
  10. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Ryanair fees

    On Jan. 17 Ryanair will add a fee of 0.25 euros on all bookings to offset the cost it expects to incur from the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme. It projected that its 2012 expenses related to emissions trading would total 15 million to 20 million euros. Several other airlines have raised fares or fuel surcharges following the Jan. 1 start of the Emissions Trading Scheme.
  11. VenetianIsalnds

    VenetianIsalnds New Member

    emissions scheme is a scam

    wow..what a scam the emissions scheme truly is! there won't be any environmental benefit whatsoever, and the only beneficiary would be the people behind the scheme and airlines of course!
  12. DJ.Krush

    DJ.Krush New Member

    European commission and airlines

    i dont really understand all these extra charges, surcharges, fees, whatever they want to call them...why are we the travelers "punish" like this? Im not surprised about Ryanair adding silly charges like toilet fees, though to be fair this is coming from the European commission, which is even more worrying:(
  13. lusylaw

    lusylaw New Member

    What's next? airline fees to never stop increasing

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