what's Tunica like?

Discussion in 'Mississippi' started by elconquistador, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. elconquistador

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    Having been to Memphis Tennessee this year, I had the chance to take a day trip to Tunica after a local suggested it as a great place for lowkey gambling. What I can say is that I'm glad I visited Tunica because the gambling scene there is just what I like - laid back and no huge crowds. The best casinos there are the Harrah's Tunica Hotel and Casino and Sam's Town (both located along Casino Strip Resort Blvd).

    anyone ever been to Tunica?
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    casinos in Tunica

    if I remember well, there are about 9 full-service casinos in Tunica. Sam's Town is good but Fitzgeralds, Bally’s and Harrah’s are my favorite. By the way, I have too visited Tunica from Memphis but I was surprised at how long it took to get there (around 45 mins drive) minute drive.
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    My wife and I go to Tunica about every few months to play blackjack at the tables at the Roadhouse and the Horseshoe mostly, though we also liked Harah's because of their $15 double deck tables on weekdays. Aside from gambling, there is nothing else to do (i.e shopping, eating out, etc) in Tunica.
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    casino town

    Having been to the Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, the Sam’s Town in Tunica is exactly the same, even the “Boyd†font on the directional signs is spot on. Bally’s is great..I love the theme the have going like some kind of Delta cotton farm. Saying this, Bally's is not a Harrah’s property but is in fact operated by Resorts, so be aware.

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