what's your favorite US national park

Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by BenDestiller, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. BenDestiller

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    Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but here I go. I've visited Yosemite, nm and Point Reyes national seashore and fell in love with all of these places. It was humbling and unforgettable to see and touch the grand sequoia trees and drive down Hwy 1. what's your favorite US national park, monument, etc and why?
  2. Touch-HD

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    Californian are so lucky to have all those wonders right on their doorstep. I did some hiking at Joshua Tree park last year and it was wonderful. Yellowstone is another favorite of mine. By the way, you can save money in entrance fees to national parks by buying an annual pass. I think it's around $80 for two people and car.
  3. SimpleMinds

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    For me, Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park has to be my favorite because of Mt. Kilauea...seeing this volcano upclose was an amazing experience. Even better, was being able to drive around it along the Crater Rim Drive

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