When can you go to Antarctica?

Discussion in 'Antarctica' started by wanderer, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    No place is more famous for winter than Antarctica....and the conditions are unmanageable a lot of the year. So when can you go? I need your expert opinion.
  2. Reaching44

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    weather in Antarctica is unpredictable

    i've traveled to Antarctica in the months of January and February so i would suggest going in late January, although it's the most expensive time. Why I suggest Jan? the weather tends to be better, the days are longer and there is night time. But like you said the weather in Antarctica is, more or less, unpredictable as it is so large and so cold.

  3. amaz1ng

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    seeing wildlife in Antarctica

    winter is definitely a no no...otherwise, Antarctica is great specially in late spring or early summer. Saying this, during Nov/Dec the snow/ice is "pristine" at that time of the year and the penguins, seals, etc are just starting to have their young. At that time, you will see all of the seal pups and penguin chicks.

  4. mitraveler

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    Remember that Antarctica is typically the coldest place on earth. And it's in the southern hemisphere, so the cold settles in July, August, and September typically.
  5. antony

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    I think the area of Antarctica Peninsula is regarded as one of the most beautiful places on earth.& most of the cruise ships visit mostly at this area.I saw this area on the picture & i agree that this is the most beautiful place on the earth. I really loved it.

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