when in KY visit the caves

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  1. DimitryJok

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    Anyone traveling to Kentucky should not miss visiting the Mammoth Caves and Lost River Cave. Mammoth has the longest miles of discovered passages of any cave in the world. Mammoth's passageways are enormous and the main cave - the Drapery Room- has amazing formations.
    As far as Lost River Cave, it's also worth doing it if you happen to be in Bowling Green as it's the only caves that offers an underground boat tour in Kentucky. Have a great time;)
  2. Hpo

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    I have visited both Mammoth and Lost Caves, as well as Natural Bridge caves in Texas. If you can only see one, I'd go and see Mammoth caves because they're really spectacular. Dont get me wrong, Lost Caves caves are great, but if you have kids Mammoth are the easiest to navigate.
  3. passicev

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    There are cooler caves to visit in Kentucky than Mammoth cave, which is way too touristy. Diamond Caverns, Onyx Cave, Outlaw Cave, Hidden River Cave, Cub Run Cave, etc Outlaw cave is quite cool as it is said to be the hide out of infamous jesse james.

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