when is the best time to travel in africa?

Discussion in 'Lesotho' started by fcAnnie, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. fcAnnie

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    would really love to go, my dad has been and he loved it there, would love to go there and trael around and explore which places are good to visit
  2. fcAnnie

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    Hi frnd,
    In my opinion its depends on your specific needs and requirements. Interests range from Africa’s spectacular wildlife to the wide variety of birds that occur in Africa at different times of the year.

    Other interests are botany, culture and natural phenomena (such as the great migration of wildebeest in Serengeti and Kenya, the sardine run on the Wild Coast of South Africa or the spectacular floral display in Namaqualand on the west coast of South Africa).

    Many guests use their favourite activity as the foundation and build their holiday around these activities such as fly-fishing, diving, kayaking, photography or horse riding.
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    You can save money if you avoid the Christmas and Easter holiday breaks, and during prime game-viewing season.

    I'd suggest traveling to Kenya and Tanzania from April to May, Botswana from December to March and Zimbabwe from November to June.
  4. Amydiaz11

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    The best time to visit Africa will change depending on which side you want to travel to.

    If you are planning to travel to Southern Africa, best time will be April and September but if you are visiting Eastern Africa it will be August. I had the same confusion when i traveled first after i sent my Airlines Letter American airways for a job.

    Africa's breathtaking scenery and wild life makes it a must visit place. Your father is absolutely right, Africa is one of the most amazing countries. Hope you enjoy your trip..
  5. samantha83

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    I think Durban in South Africa has the best all year sub-tropical weather, which is ideal for family vacation. So I would really advise that you visit Durban.
  6. Eyewitness

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    Hi there

    Firstly as you would notice Africa is big, seems your interest would be in the southern parts.

    For Game viewing in the North Eastern Parts of South Africa, I would suggest May to September this is winter time, but for me it would be better for 2 reasons, price and tempreture, being off season everything will be nearly 50% less, and even in Winter daytime temps can go up to 30 degrees Cel. (vs Summer where certain areas can go to 45).

    Durban could also be an option, unfortunately find it way to humid for my liking.

    Cape Town and Garden route has 2 green seasons which your risk factor of getting bad weather won't be so bad, these are April-May and September -October lovely times of the year, the Southern Cape also offers Game Reserves, albeit not so opulent as the once North. Cape Town environs does offer an arrange of Gastronomically aclaimed Restaurants and a wide choice of Cape Town Bed and Breakfast places.
  7. terance

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    when to travel to Africa

    If you want to do an an African safari then, anytime between Jan and March, and Jul and Oct are good times to visit Africa particularly south Africa and the eastern side of the continent such as Kenya and Tanzania. Seasons do differ between East Africa and Southern Africa but you can enjoy a great safari almost every month of the year.

    Saying this, I'd have to admit that I prefer South Africa as a whole for visiting and safaris. The prime safari spot in South Africa is Kruger National Park, though there are many excellent game parks in South Africa's Eastern Cape such as Addo Elephant Park.

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