When is the best time to visit the Southwest?

Discussion in 'Utah' started by AliCat, Oct 7, 2011.

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    My family and I are planning a trip to Utah & Arizona. We want to see Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Grand Canyon for sure, and may head down to the Gila National Forest as well, if we have enough time on the trip. What is the best time of year to visit? We're hoping to avoid the hottest months of the year, but I'm not sure what the temperatures or any rainfall might be like the rest of the year, or whether there are specific seasons that are prettier than others. Any suggestions?
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    Best time of year to visit Southwest

    I've always heard spring and fall recommended as the best time to go to this part of the country, and personally, I'm a fan of the autumn. If you can get your trip in this month, for instance, October is a beautiful and comfortable time of year to travel here—do bring layers though, as the temperature can change quite a bit in one day.

    If you're looking at when to go to Utah, for instance, you see that the temperatures in the fall are quite comfortable, and in addition to the rugged desert landscapes, there are also areas where the foliage can be quite pretty. You'll find the Grand Canyon to be similarly comfortable at this time of year.

    Good luck with your trip planning!
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    Winter is the best time to visit the Southwest?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the winter. It may be harder to travel, but not all the southwest is coated in snow. You'll find plenty of mild, warm places in the Southwest in the winter. And if you want to do some skiing, especially in Utah, you can't beat the winter. I think it's really pretty to see the snow up in the mountains and be somewhere at a lower elevation where it's nice and sunny.
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    I would say the same is true of the summer. The weather varies greatly depending on where you are. If you are worried about the hot weather, you could stay away from the hot spots--like the Arizona desert. Some of the higher elevations aren't as hot.

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