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Discussion in 'Alabama' started by kallanMac, Sep 23, 2009.

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    We're want to go to Alabama this winter but not sure whether this is a good idea. What are winters like in Alabama?
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    hi there,

    When to go to Alabama depends more than anything on what things you want to do, even though most attractions and activities are available year round.

    There are distinct Alabama seasons but even winter benefits from the balmy breezes of the Gulf shores, so you'll find that winters are generally milder and shorter than in the northern part of the country.

    The region along the Gulf Coast is the warmest, and travel to Alabama to this part of the state is busy during the winter.

    Therefore, anytime of the year is great to take an Alabama trip and still be a great time to see all the state's attractions.

    Hope this helps
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    Going to Alabama during fall and winter will save you money since this is the least popular time.
  4. wanderer

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    My folks live in Georgia, which is about an hour away from Alabama. They get some cold in the winter, like they do in Northern Alabama, but ice and snow are very rare. It's usually pleasant by early February and hot by May. The entire state of Alabama is very humid in the summertime. But as Vacation Buddy mentioned, you do have the nice gulf breezes if you're staying along the coast. Oh, and fall in Northern Alabama is wonderful. The leaves sure put on a nice show!
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    You can to Alabama at any time really awesome place to go any kinds of places to see and have fun. Places like Civil Rights Memorial,White House of the Confederacy,Hank Williams Museum and many more

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