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    we're a bit undecided as when to go to Honduras and im wondering when is the ideal time to visit Honduras? Are temperatures warmer inland than along the coast?
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    hi there,

    When to go to Honduras depends on what activities you wan to do. Having said this, the ideal time to travel to Honduras is probably in late winter or early spring: February and March are good times also as the forests are still lush after the rainy season, but the climate is warm and dry.

    Regarding temperatures in Honduras, the Bay Islands are usually around the mid-80s (high 20s in Celsius). Along the north coast, they hover in the 70s and 80s (20s in Celsius).

    Further inland, in San Pedro Sula for example, temperatures above 90 degrees (over 30 degrees Celsius) are not uncommon in the early summer, before the rains come.

    The climate is milder in the Honduran mountains. Tegucigalpa is often 10 degrees cooler than San Pedro Sula.
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    Hi jonbucK,
    One of my friends had Honduras vacation recently (in August) and he said Tela city was packed with full of tourists. Because from June to August is the busiest time for summer vacations and the cost of flights & hotels are high. So if you consider to save your money on hotels & Honduras flights then better plan your trip in May. December to April & mid-June to August are high season and September to November is the low season. October and November is the hurricane season, so any Honduras vacation should be best skipped during this time.

    If you like to have a scuba diving, then mid-February till March is a perfect time and you can get an opportunity to watch whales and sharks. On the other hand, if you like to enjoy beach activities then June through August is perfect. But choose a right period to suit your taste and book your Honduras vacation. However February-April is probably the best time to visit as the Honduras weather is dry. Honduras has many things to do & see including colonial mining towns, ancient ruins, national parks, wonderful beaches, jungles, big mountains and celebrations. So book your Honduras vacation in advance and enjoy the fun-filled attractions.

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