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Discussion in 'India' started by Ivanisovic, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. pitterparker

    pitterparker New Member

    The most common time to visit india is march, because climate is neutral not so hot and not so cold. But, some part of india like Banglore, Goa can be visit in any season.
  2. james.s

    james.s New Member

    If you want to see real India and want to visit at perfect timing, then you must visit between Oct to Feb, it's a winter time, coz, in summers, India is really really Hot, Like Hot as hell in India.

    between Oct to Feb you can visit, Jaipur, Ajmer, Himchal Pradesh, Rishikesh etc, you will enjoy for sure.

  3. richanagar

    richanagar New Member

    The main monsoon season in India occurs from June to September However, the good news is that it doesn't rain all the time, or heavily in all places. The best time to travel to India depends greatly on the destinations to be visited and the climate experienced there. So first you select the best travel destination for you.
  4. aniejomes

    aniejomes New Member

    India is a land of climatic diversity. Actually diversity lies everywhere in India, in culture, in food, in tradition etc. It is the best destination to visit in vacations.
    There are so many places which is best for monsoon.See, whatever be the months of a year, there are plenty of places you can visit accordingly. So, do not much bother about the climate of India just plan and experience.
  5. rahulsingh

    rahulsingh New Member

    July to September is the monsoon season in India. To explore more in India you should plan your visit from October to April, that' s the time when weather is pleasant to cold in India and is the best time frame to explore incredible India.
  6. grandroyale

    grandroyale New Member

    February, March, September, October and November are the best time to travel in India.
  7. toursnorthindia

    toursnorthindia New Member

    You can travel anytime in India. November to January is the best period to travel the state like Rajasthan and other North India region.

    Depend on choice.
  8. keralahmart

    keralahmart New Member

    Monsoon! Climatically it should start from June and last until September. But the global changes has affected these periods. You may come anytime preferable to you. Different destination in India have different periodic beauties. For like Kerala, you can visit there around October to February to soothe yourself with its scenic beauty.
  9. trishasharma

    trishasharma New Member

    there are lot of places to visit in india
    Summers - You can visit Hill stations : Shimla,Manali, Mount Abu , kodaikanal, Ooty etc.
    Winters : Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Munnar
    Monsoon : Kerala, Rajasthan
  10. viache

    viache New Member

    You can visit in September-October in North India and in September-January in South India as the whether is pleasant.
  11. rosenelson

    rosenelson New Member

    If you are visiting India, make sure you are visiting Delhi in first place. Lots of historical places, good food and nice people. You can find cheap air tickets to Delhi, India.
  12. keralahmart

    keralahmart New Member

    I agree with the historical places in Delhi. I also agree with the food, food is very good there. But people!! Delhi people are considered to be the roughest in India.
    Anyways whether it is North India or South India, you will always enjoy the tour.
  13. markkwheelz

    markkwheelz New Member

    The best time to visit in India is
    September --to -- April Month
  14. kumarmanoj1

    kumarmanoj1 New Member

    India's geography has produced a huge number of destinations in all corners of the country. The northern part of India, with its bouquet of rivers and the Himalayas, is one of the most coveted regions for tourism purpose. Spending a week in north India can be a fairytale experience, and a holiday which would be completely satisfying.
  15. nitinslash

    nitinslash New Member

    Monsoon season runs from June to September and very hard to visit during this time. You should be come in India in october - March month.
  16. Sizzlerenderson

    Sizzlerenderson New Member

    yeah you are right
  17. Narayani Tours

    Narayani Tours New Member

    You should go South India & choose best place in South India for you. You will get first Monsoon in South India & June to September is best.
  18. Kristinperry

    Kristinperry New Member

    If you want to visit in India in the month of April to September. There are many places to visit in India such as Jaipur, Rajasthan, Jaisalmer and Udaipur.

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