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    hi guys,

    We are planning a trip to Asia this year and we like the idea of traveling to Laos...I was wondering when to go to Laos in terms of weather and so on.

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    hi there,

    I would say that the most popular season for traveling to Laos is between November and April, as the weather during this time is pleasant, although hotel accommodation is more expensive.

    The hot season is between March and May. The rainy months are between June and September and it is actually one of the best times to find great airfare and cheap accommodation.
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    The most popular time to go to Laos is between November and February. There is little rain but the rivers are high and the weather isn't too hot. The Lao rainy season runs from May to October. April is very hot and can be very smoky due to farmers burning back. On the upside April brings Lao New Year -- the party to end all parties.
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    With no coastline to be influenced, Laos’s weather system is quite straight-forward with two distinct weather seasons, which are a dry season (October to late April) and a wet season (May to late September). Each season varies in temperature. For more details, the dry months leading up to the early wet season (from March to June) is typically the hottest of the year when the temperature can be in excess of 30°C. However, choosing the best time travel Laos will depends on what aspects of Laos you want to discover.
    The dry season – The best time to travel to Laos (October to April)
    Without a doubt, the best time to visit the tiny land-locked country of Laos is from October to April, because the temperatures are moderate and dry, and the countryside will transform into a beautiful verdant wonderland. Furthermore, this period of time is also suitable best time travel Laos in order to discover the life on Mekong River, because high water levels will make passage easy along Laos’ main waterways.

    In the hottest months of the year (March to June), even though the temperature may reach 30°C, cooler conditions can still be found in the highlands, the Bolaven Plateau for example. Nevertheless, there is one thing to note that, even in the hottest months of the year, it is advisable to bring along a jumper or fleece in the evening, because it tends to be quite cool when the sun goes down. Make sure to check out Laos tour packages in advance.

    The rainy season – Green season in Laos (May to September)
    Turning to the rainy season from May to October, there are usually short and sharp showers which may destroy your exploration. In the other aspect, when the rain returns, it would be the best time travel Laos for those who desires seeing the country comes to life, cascading waterfalls begin to flow again and the lush scenery becomes the home for a wide variety of wildlife.
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