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Discussion in 'Spain' started by Dapolitiu4, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Dapolitiu4

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    I've finding good flight prices for Madrid in Feb but before I book I wanted to know if Feb is a good time. what's Madrid like in Feb?
  2. Jenna

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    I'd recommend visiting Madrid in early spring (March) or early fall (September) as they are the best times of year to visit Madrid, particularly if you are the sort of person who literally can't stand the heat.

    Winters in Madrid tend to be cold and dry, so you will need to bring very warm clothing, in particular during February.

    For me spring is best to be honest. Madrid seems to become a much more joyous place, you get more daylight hours and flowering parks make Madrid the ideal city to visit and wander through.
  3. bmd

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    Madrid is a pretty city and it's actually really a nice experience. When I went there, I booked a tour bus that I could hop on and off for a couple of days for a really good rate, and I went all over the city. That was in November, very cold, and unless that's your cup of tea, I wouldn't recommend that time of year for any sightseeing anywhere in the northern areas where the temperature drops that low. What I did love, though, were the lights, oh, it was so lovely to see the Christmas lights. It's all so different in Spain and Europe than it is where I live, so it just captured me like anything. Anyway, to the point, February, I'm assuming is similar to November, and as I mentioned, I'd rather take the trip during the spring and summer months when the weather is warmer. I just happened to be passing through the area and stopped for two days, so I took advantage of the opportunity as much as I could.
  4. marino

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    going to Madrid

    I would avoid Madrid in the summer if you hate huge crowds and heat. It gets really hot and busy with tourist crowds during July and August. Christmas is a nice time to be in Madrid and although it get busy too it's well worth being in the capital to see the Christmas decorations and fun parades.

    Overall, I'd have to say that between late March and early June would be the best time because weather is just right and the tourist crowds aren't as big.
  5. RyanOdell27

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    You should go Madrid during Spring (April-June) and early Autumn (September-October) as the best times of year to visit Madrid. Autumn weather is usually bright and warm and it's often possible to eat and drink outside well into October.
  6. Vagabonde

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    summer is a blast in Madrid

    I agree that summer isn't the best time in madrid because of the crowds and the weather...it gets super hot though in the shade and having a cold drink, as you watch people go by, it is lovely! Also, madrid seems to be a different character during summer and people are in a happy mood.
  7. bookespana07

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    If you're about to visit the stunning town of Madrid, knowing Madrid weather before coming up with your trip could be a good way to insure that you simply have the foremost fun on your vacation and are ready for any eventuality when it involves the weather. Madrid's climate is one amongst the simplest within the world for visit. there's solely a brief few months were vacationing may be uncomfortable. the remainder of the year the climate is agreeable despite what you're normally used to.
  8. bizflats0

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    Autumn (September-October) has the best times of year to visit Madrid.

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