when to go to nicaragua

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  1. onzebronze

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    the summer season runs between November and May and it's the best time for back-country hiking and swimming on the beaches on the Pacific side. Winter runs roughly between May and November and it's traditionally the rainy and hurricane season (June to November) on the entire Caribbean Coast side of Nicaragua.
  2. retroutbambow

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    the worst of the hurricane storms is between October and November..I'd def advice avoiding traveling then. Other than that, the beginning of hurricane season is a good time to go if you're looking for cheap flights, accommodation, etc.
  3. hasman

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    Hurricanes hit mostly the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua when they do is typically between June and November. July is when it rain the most, though when it does the rain generally occurs at night. It will rain 30 minutes up to an hour and then shut off. Sometimes there is a shower during the day. There will not be a problem going to the beaches or other outdoor activities.
  4. Better2know

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    The thing about Nicaragua is that it has different microclimates. Case in point, Ometepe in June is hot and humid and it will rain most days in the afternoon/early evening. The good thing about the weather in Nicaragua is that it won't affect your ability to enjoy your trip there.
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    At the end of the Dry season (november - april) it can be very hot and dusty in Nicaragua so it's not good if you want to visit the San Juan River and Solentiname rain forest area. If you want to surf, I suggest going to Nicaragua between June thru August.

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