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    hi guys,

    we're looking at a trip to the United Arab Emirates but need some input on when to go to the United Arab Emirates..can someone give us some pointers?
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    hi there,

    When traveling to UAE, you need to be aware that Holidays and festivals, especially of religious nature, can interfere with vacations.

    - The most important religious holiday in Islamic culture is Ramadan. You will likely want to avoid all UAE travels during this time. Ramadan usually falls sometime around October and November, decided exactly by the Islamic calender.

    Each day there is a twelve-hour fasting period that occurs between 5am and 5pm. The downfall is that between these times, no one is permitted to drink, eat or smoke in any public establishments. ‘No one’ means tourists and locals alike.

    This will seriously affect your holiday and is not a very desirable time to visit.

    - There are other holidays in Islamic culture including the second most popular, Id Al Adha.

    Id Al Adha celebrates the end of the Haj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. Each person is required to make the pilgrimage as long as they are financially and physically able.

    Id Al Adha is celebrated in the first week of December and may mark another time to avoid.

    Hope this helps

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