When to visit Haryana's Heritage Transport Museum

Discussion in 'India' started by magizoe, Sep 13, 2017.

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    I'm heading to Delhi on 10th Oct, and staying there for 3 days. I'm really interested to visit the Heritage Transport Museum at Haryana. I have been to India many times, but didn't get a chance to visit this museum. Can anyone help to get into Haryana from Delhi, and the visiting times, less crowded days etc.,
    Thanks for any help..
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    The Heritage Transport Museum in Haryana is one of the very famous museums, and a must see place in India. You can go by flight from New Delhi. Just book online whenever you plan.

    It's India's first Transport Museum situated at Tauru town with over 4 floors, and has exhibition galleries, reference centre, library, museum shop, conference rooms, mini auditorium, and a restaurant. You can explore Automobile Gallery, Heavy Mechanised Transportation, Railways, Rural Transportation, Two-Wheelers, Collectible India Toys on Transport and more. This amazing place helps learn about the history of transportation in India.

    It opens from 10AM–6PM everyday, but closed on Mondays. Weekdays will be less crowded, so plan accordingly and enjoy your trip.

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