Where Can I Find Coupons for Geyser Falls Water Park?

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania' started by Vicolette, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Vicolette

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    Can anyone share information on where to find discount coupons for Geyser Falls Water Park? The park is currently closed for the season but knowing where to find coupons for the upcoming 2012 season would be helpful.
  2. wanderer

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    This looks like a lot of fun. The website has details about season passes, which save some money. You also could call the place directly and see what kind of discounts they could provide.
  3. likethat2

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    Geyser Falls Water Park

    Geyser Falls Water Park were taking pepsi cans as a $5 discount of the total admission price but I am not sure if they'll be doing this again for the next season. It's best you keep your keep on eye on Geyser Falls Water Park facebook fan page since they normally post info about discounts there.
  4. Vicolette

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    I remember the pepsi can campaign. Hopefully, it will be available again in 2012. Thanks for the tip to check the Facebook page for updates.
  5. d360

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    Students Geyser Falls Coupon.
    Present a copy of your report card showing an “A” at the Geyser Falls ticket booth and receive
    a $20.99 admission ticket (plus tax) for the report card holder. See attached for all the details.

    Each report card can be used unlimited times. No Junior discount. Kids 3 years and under are FREE.

    Otherwise 2016 prices without coupon are:
    General Admission
    Sunday - Friday
    $36.99 + tax
    $44.99 + tax

    Junior Admission (Under 48" Tall)
    Sunday - Friday
    $26.99 + tax
    $34.99 + tax

    Kids 3 and Under

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