Where does the 787 Dreamliner fly

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    Here's the current schedule for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner but this will be dated quickly.

    Mexico City – Monterrey 01OCT13 AM906/913 (Inaugural flight)
    Mexico City – Tijuana
    01OCT13 AM176/177 (Second Inaugural flight)
    02OCT13 / 14OCT13 / 15OCT13 AM170/173
    Mexico City – Buenos Aires eff 05FEB14 1 weekly (4 weekly from 14MAR14, 5 weekly from 20MAR14, 7 weekly from 17APR14)
    Mexico City – Madrid eff 26APR14 1 weekly
    Mexico City – New York JFK eff 03OCT13 1 round-trip flight only. 3 weekly service from 14OCT13 (2 weekly from 03FEB14 to 28FEB14)
    Mexico City – Paris CDG eff 15OCT13 3 weekly (daily from 04NOV13)
    Mexico City – Tijuana – Tokyo Narita – Mexico City eff 14OCT13 3 weekly service

    Air India
    Delhi – Bangalore eff 15MAY13 1 daily
    Delhi – Kolkata eff 15MAY13 1 daily
    Delhi – London Heathrow eff 22MAY13 1 daily (AI115/116)
    Delhi – Chennai eff 28MAY13 1 daily
    Delhi – Frankfurt eff 30MAY13 1 daily
    Delhi – Paris CDG eff 06JUN13 1 daily

    Tokyo Haneda – Sapporo Chitose Service resumed on 26MAY13, operating as extra flights and replacing other aircraft on existing service, until 31MAY13
    Tokyo Haneda – Akita eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Beijing eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima eff 01JUN13 2 daily (1 daily till 03JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – Frankfurt eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka eff 01JUN13 2 daily (1 daily from 15JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima eff 01JUN13 4 daily (2-3 daily till 03JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto eff 01JUN13 2 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Matsuyama eff 01JUN13 2 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Miyazaki eff 01JUN13 2 daily (1 daily till 03JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – Okayama eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Okinawa eff 01JUN13 2 weekly (CARGO flight)
    Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami eff 01JUN13 3 daily (2 daily till 03JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – Takamatsu eff 01JUN13 2 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Taipei Song Shan** eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Toyama eff 15JUN13 3 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Yamaguchi-Ube eff 01JUN13 3 daily (2 daily on 01JUN13)
    Tokyo Narita – Beijing 01JUN13 – 31JUL13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – San Jose CA eff 01JUN13 5 weekly
    Tokyo Narita – Shanghai Pu Dong 01AUG13 – 31AUG13 1 daily
    **Note: Tokyo Narita – Seattle service is tentatively scheduled from 01SEP13, 5 times a week
    Domestic Japan frequencies may vary from 01JUL13

    Ethiopian Airlines
    Addis Ababa – Nairobi One-off service on 27APR13, First Boeing 787 resumed service
    Addis Ababa – Dubai eff 28APR13 up to 2 daily
    Addis Ababa – Abuja 29MAY13, 31MAY13, 12JUN13, 14JUN13, 26JUN13
    Addis Ababa – Harare – Lusaka – Addis Ababa eff 12MAY13 ET873 3 weekly
    Addis Ababa – Lagos 28MAY13 – 02JUN13 1 daily (Previously planned till 30JUN13)
    Addis Ababa – Lusaka – Harare – Addis Ababa eff 11MAY13 ET883 4 weekly
    Addis Ababa – Mumbai 16MAY13 – 30JUN13 1 daily
    Addis Ababa – Nairobi – Bujumbura 10MAY13 – 05JUN13 1 daily (Except 22MAY13 – 23MAY13, 27MAY13 – 31MAY13, 03JUN13 – 04JUN13)
    Addis Ababa – Guangzhou 31MAY13, 03JUN13, 05JUN13, 07JUN13, 09JUN13, 11JUN13, 13JUN13, 15JUN13, 30JUL13, 01AUG13 (CAN departs on the next day)
    Addis Ababa – Frankfurt eff 01JUL13 1 daily (Previously operated briefly from 28APR13 till 08MAY13)
    Addis Ababa – Johannesburg 03JUN13 – 30JUN13 1 daily (New adjustment on 30MAY13)
    Addis Ababa – Lome – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo – Lome – Addis Ababa eff 01JUL13 3 weekly (Except 29JUL13 from ADD/LFW, 30JUL13 from GRU)
    Addis Ababa – London Heathrow eff 16JUN13 6 weekly (Including 1 weekly via Rome on outbound)
    Addis Ababa – Toronto eff 10MAY13 2 weekly until 16JUN13, 1 weekly from 19JUN13
    Addis Ababa – Washington Dulles 07MAY13 – 24JUN13 Operational frequency varies

    Tokyo Haneda – Beijing eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Haneda – Singapore eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – Boston eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – San Diego eff 01JUN13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – Singapore eff 01JUN13 2 daily
    Tokyo Narita – Helsinki eff 01JUL13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – Delhi eff 12JUL13 1 daily (Previously to be resumed from 01JUN13)
    Tokyo Haneda – San Francisco eff 01SEP13 1 daily (SFO from 31AUG13)
    Tokyo Narita – Moscow Domodedovo eff 01SEP13 3 weekly
    Tokyo Narita – Sydney eff 01DEC13 1 daily
    Tokyo Narita – Bangkok eff 02DEC13 4 weekly (JL707 Day x357; JL718 Day x146)

    LAN Airlines
    Santiago de Chile – Lima – Los Angeles eff 01JUL13 1 daily (Except 31AUG13 to 30SEP13 from SCL)
    Santiago de Chile – Lima – New York JFK 31AUG13 – 30SEP13 1 daily (JFK departure 01SEP13 to 01OCT13)
    Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Frankfurt eff 01OCT13 1 daily (Previously planned from 08SEP13)
    LAN’s Boeing 787 resumed dates are tentative.

    LOT Polish Airlines
    Warsaw – New York JFK LOT Resumes Boeing 787 operation on 01JUN13. From 01JUN13 to 04JUN13, 787 operates daily on LO006/007
    Warsaw – Beijing eff 27OCT13 3 weekly
    Warsaw – Chicago eff 05JUN13 11 weekly
    Warsaw – Tbilisi One-off service on 26JUN13 and 30JUN13 (27JUN13 / 01JUL13 from TBS
    Warsaw – Toronto eff 07JUN13 3 weekly (7 weekly from 28JUN13
    Warsaw – New York JFK eff 30JUN13 2 weekly (1 weekly from 01AUG13)

    Copenhagen – Ft. Lauderdale eff 29NOV13 2 weekly
    Oslo – Bangkok eff 31AUG13 3 weekly
    Oslo – Ft. Lauderdale eff 30NOV13 2 weekly
    Oslo – New York JFK eff 01SEP13 3 weekly
    Stockholm – Bangkok eff 31AUG13 3 weekly
    Stockholm – Ft. Lauderdale eff 01DEC13 2 weekly
    Stockholm – New York JFK eff 02SEP13 3 weekly

    Qatar Airways
    Doha – Dubai Boeing 787 aircraft resumed commercial operation on 01MAY13; up to 7 daily service for May 2013
    Doha – London Heathrow 1 daily (QR075/076) since 15MAY13 (EXCEPT 15JUN13 – 20JUN13 and 29JUN13)
    Doha – Manchester 1 round-trip flight each on 19MAY13 and 20MAY13
    Doha – Frankfurt eff 26MAY13 1 daily (2 daily from 01JUL13)
    Doha – Munich eff 20MAY13 1 daily (QR009/010) (11 weekly from 01JUN13, 14 weekly from 02OCT13)
    Doha – Zurich eff 01JUN13 1 daily

    Thomson Airways
    East Midlands – Cancun eff 07AUG13 1 weekly
    East Midlands – Orlando Sanford eff 06AUG13 1 weekly
    Glasgow – Cancun eff 15JUL13 1 weekly
    Glasgow – Orlando Sanford eff 09JUL13 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Aruba eff 06MAY14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Barbados 15DEC13 – 20APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Cancun eff 09JUL13 2 – 3 weekly
    London Gatwick – Goa eff 02NOV13 1 – 2 weekly
    London Gatwick – Holguin 11DEC13 – 24APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Male 03NOV13 – 27APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Mauritius eff 04MAY14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Mombasa 04NOV13 – 28APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Montego Bay eff 07NOV13 1 weekly (2 weekly from 31MAR14)
    London Gatwick – Orlando Sanford eff 10JUL13 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Phuket 05NOV13 – 29APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Puerto Plata 13NOV13 – 26APR14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Puerto Vallarta eff 03MAY14 1 weekly
    London Gatwick – Punta Cana 01NOV13 – 22APR14 1 weekly (2 weekly from 10DEC13)
    Manchester – Barbados eff 15DEC13 1 weekly
    Manchester – Cancun eff 13JUL13 2 weekly (3 weekly from 02NOV13)
    Manchester – Goa eff 05NOV13 1 weekly
    Manchester – Montego Bay eff 04MAY14 1 weekly (2 weekly from 23JUL14)
    Manchester – Orlando Sanford eff 11JUL13 1 – 2 weekly
    Manchester – Puerto Plata eff 05MAY14 1 weekly
    Manchester – Puerto Vallarta eff 01MAY14 1 weekly
    Manchester – Punta Cana eff 02APR14 1 weekly (2 weekly from 03MAY14)
    Newcastle – Cancun 01APR14 – 22APR14 1 weekly
    Stockholm – Helsinki – Mombasa 22DEC13 – 30MAR14 1 weekly

    Houston – Chicago eff 20MAY13 1 daily (3 daily from 21MAY13, 4 daily from 22MAY13 to 09JUN13 only. On 20MAY13, First Boeing 787 resumption flight operating as UA001/002)
    Houston – Denver eff 21MAY13 1 daily (2 daily from 22MAY13, 3 daily from 24MAY13, 4 daily from 25MAY13. Overall service to operate 1 daily only from 10JUN13)
    Houston – Los Angeles eff 24MAY13 2 daily (3 daily from 25MAY13 to 09JUN13)
    Houston – Newark 1-off service from Houston on 20MAY13, Newark departure on 21MAY13
    Houston – London Heathrow 10JUN13 – 11AUG13 1 daily (5 weekly from 02AUG13 to 11AUG13)
    Denver – Tokyo Narita eff 10JUN13 1 daily (11JUN13 from NRT)
    Houston – Lagos eff 12AUG13 5 weekly (13AUG13 from LOS)
    Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita eff 01AUG13 1 daily (02AUG13 from NRT)
    Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 02AUG13 1 daily (03AUG13 from PVG)
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    I hope these 787 Dreamliners live up to their hype...These planes are supposed to use less fuel, have larger than average cabins, which apparently will operate at less pressure to make journeys more comfortable and less tiring for passengers and crew.
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    You won't get me on one of these planes even if you paid me...I'm really concerned about the quality of these planes. I heard 787 has many malfunction that only makes me hope that they put right already. Personally, I wouldn't get too excited about the 787 because at the end of the day it's just a plane and there's not much remarkable about it.

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    lol, you must've have jinxed it buddy..I heard a United Airlines Boeing 787 flight was diverted yesterday due to a mechanical problem. Apparently, the pilots received a light indicating a break problem and they had to do an emergency landing. This news is surely not going to go down well with the people responsible for the 787 Dreamliners.

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    Now that we've seen the crash in San Francisco, it seems like even being in a safe plane isn't entirely safe. There are so many factors that go into safety. But if you look at the numbers, you're still safer in a plane than driving to the airport.

    There are a lot of routes that the 787 is running. That quick trip from Chicago to Houston will be a very comfortable one! I was surprised to see how many destinations are on this list.

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