Where is Devil’s Tower

Discussion in 'Wyoming' started by wanderer, Nov 13, 2011.

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    With all this talk about Devil's Tower, it makes sense to tell you where it is. The towering monolith is situated along the Belle Fourche River in Crook County--in Northwestern Wyoming. It's about 12 miles outside of the town of Hulett.

    Devils Tower is an interesting place to be sure.
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    devil’s tower wyoming

    devils tower is simply one of the natural wonders of the USA that is well worth the time to drive there. the devils tower is not like other us national monuments as you get a different feel when you're there. If you like rock climbing, you can rock climb over there but make sure you get a permit. The place is considered sacred by the Native Americans so, please respect it.
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    The monument is north from Cheyenne, the state capital. Most of the drive time is on I-25, which would take you to Denver to the south. Then take U.S. Highway 20 north to U.S. 14. It's about 25 miles from there to the monument.
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    Devil’s Tower symbol of Wyoming

    yeah, Devils Tower is known as the location of the alien-human rendezvous point in Steven Spielberg's oscar winning film...Wyoming owes a lot to the Devils tower because most people that come to Wyoming do it to see this strange natural formation..
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    must see in Wyoming

    Devil's Tower is not a known attraction in the US but it is one of my favorites because of that. Seen from miles around the tower is the only feature of it's height in the area, a geological wonder with a fascinating formation story. You can walk along the trails there and also climb the rock if your super adventurous. whatever you do, Devils tower is a great place to take pictures.

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