Where is Shell Island

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    Vacationers coming to Florida looking for some quiet beach space may be surprised at what they find at Shell Island located off of Clearwater Beach. This tiny island is an oasis in the middle of the Gulf where you will see all types of seashells. It's like a shell repository there are so many to see. To access the island, stop by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and book a 90-minute Safari Boat tour of the waterways and a stop at Shell Island. It's one of Florida's hidden treasures.
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    snorkeling in Shell Island

    definitely bring your snorkels & goggles, there is plenty of snorkeling to be done there. To get there, you can take the ferry from St Andrews state park for $12 per person or you could always rent a boat for the day...I think it costs around $150. Either way dont forget your snorkel and goggles because the marine life around the rocks is amazing!

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