where is the best place to stay in Santorini

Discussion in 'Greece' started by 6centers, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. 6centers

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    Having been to Santorini Greece many times, I wanted to share some places that I would 100% recommend to first time visitors to Santorini. You really want to find somewhere close to the beach but within walking distance of all the action such as clubs, shops, etc. There's no better place to stay in Santorini like Fira, especially in a hotel that offers full views of the caldera.
  2. JohanDirrell

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    The main village of Fira is truly beautiful, but I would suggest staying in the village of Oia as prices there tend to be cheaper. All the hotel/apartments there boast great views too and you are spoiled for choice: Volcano's Villas, Delfini Hotel, Chelidonia Villas, Museum Spa Hotel, etc.
  3. KurstinKudichi

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    To be honest, I wouldn't bother with paying top dollar for a hotel with view of the caldera. Instead, save your money for a budget hotel as you can view the caldera by going there during the day and at sunset (the views are gorgeous). You can also enjoy the views from a restaurant so no need to stay at an expensive hotel with caldera views!

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