Where is the best place to visit in the world?

Discussion in 'UK' started by dawson9b7b, May 1, 2007.

  1. saburam

    saburam New Member

    India is the best desitnation, for more information please google the "Icon India Tours" there you can get complete detail about India trip.
  2. rajeshsuhag

    rajeshsuhag New Member


    I sugest you beautiful and wonder places in world

    1 Gibraltar
    2 Prague
    3 Paris
    4 New York
    5 London and

    many other destinations stand in world. There you will go that places. If you want anywhere in the world you can book your holiday break with best travel agent.
  3. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I've only experienced 72 countries so far but I can honestly say there is not a single country I would not return to if I had the chance again (and I will be returning to many in the future in addition to now ones).

    "Best" can only be termed subjective--at best (sorry). Depending on your wants and needs in a holiday vacation (culture, education, immersion, historical, beach, mountains, city, rural, etc)--that will determine what is "best".

    Personally, I LOVE Australia as it has so much to offer that is not found elsewhere and the diversity of its people, places and things fill all my needs. Cheers!

    Ann, TS
  4. dark_un

    dark_un New Member

    I just recently returned from a trip of eastern Europe from Czech through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and finally Croatia and I must say that although the entire trip was amazing, Dubrovnik was absolutely stunning!

    Entire city made out of limestone, buffed and polished by the feet of millions of people over hundreds of years. Affordable and relaxing without a car in sight (in the old town) At sunset we sat outside the western walls, drank beer on the rocks and watched the sun sink down into the Adriatic - picture postcard perfection!

    I travel a lot and have seen many beautiful places but Dubrovnik is that extra special.

    Sadly we left the day police recovered the body of missing Australian backpackers - we were hoping so much she would turn up safely, it reminded me that no place is ever 100% safe even somewhere as innocent and striking as Dubrovnik. :(

    Safe travels to all
  5. whereto

    whereto New Member

    I am well over 40 -
    My favourite places in the World include:

    I'm not sure what you would consider to be adventurous but a visit to Brighton for gay pride in August might be quite an eye-opener. Highly recommended.
  6. JohnMcIntosh

    JohnMcIntosh New Member

    I would recommend Melbourne as there will be much going on over Christmas and New Year. You will really enjoy Melbourne specially in New Year. I went to Melbourne, last New Year with my friends.
  7. redgeek

    redgeek New Member

    there can't be just one.. but i can assure you these places will be worth a visit: Barcelona, London, Paris, croatian coast, slovenian suburbs and nature...
  8. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I've only been to a little over 70 countries so it is hard to say which is the "Best"--that is so subjective.

    Overall, for adventurers--or having that option-- I would say New Zealand and Australia offer the most back for your dollar (or Euro or peso, yen...etc).

    Mountains, reefs, desert, oceans/beaches, rural, urban, unexplored areas, famous adventure travel locations, etc.

    Easy to transport around, safe, relatively inexpensive, minimal medical issues to deal with, minimum hazards (depending on level of "adventure".

    Just a consideration....

    Ann, The TravelSlut
  9. anagb

    anagb New Member

    Hello ,,,
    For someone who is traveling to Balkans there are a lot of things to be mentioned as a guide to a grate travel experience. First of all, I think that the politics of the region is something to be left out of the experience, as it is so difficult to understand where the truth lies and not offend someone along the way. If traveling through Balkans, you will notice that different nationalities living in neighboring countries are not so different at all. They share so much history and their looks, customs, food and other are very similar. It is important to be open minded when going to places like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia etc, as there are so many ways to enjoy your stay just by avoiding prejudice. People are welcoming, food is grate, nightlife vivid, and culture very colorful and rich. If you would like to read a travel journal written by Iranian American that spent three months in the Balkans, and learn about people that live there, current political and economic situation in the Balkans and the world, you should look up The Age of Nepotism, a book by Vahid Razavi.
  10. ellena

    ellena New Member

    I always wanted to go to Petra in Jordan. This is the land of the Nabataeans. It's look so gorgeous!
  11. starteasycareer

    starteasycareer New Member

    Re to the best place to visit in the world...

    Hai dawson...,

    I m not over 40.. But i have some ideas about this...

    Our most popular city-vacation destinations are,


    Thank you
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    I love to have beach holidays and my favourite places are :
    Phuket in Thailand, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, St. Barts, a quiet getaway place in Caribbean, Auckland in New Zealand and Taboga Island in Panama. If anyone is planning for a beach holiday then choose one of these places and have a nice beach vacation :)
  13. sannygeorge

    sannygeorge New Member

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    I prefer as well as suggest Greece and UK as the best place to visit in the world....
  14. ActivityBookers

    ActivityBookers New Member

    It's got to be Whistler - its awesome!
  15. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    75 countries and 6 continents later I am still undecided....I can't even narrow it down to continent but I;d lean towards Australia/NZ
  16. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    Greece & Spain is the best part of Europe for travel.
  17. dreamvill

    dreamvill New Member

    I think you should visit California there are many places worthy to see like:
    Anaheim - Disneyland
    Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
    Buena Park - Knott's Berry Farm
    Channel Islands National Park
    Death Valley National Park
    Napa Valley
    Redwood Highway
    Redwood National Park
  18. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    that sounds great. i wish I would have the luxury of time to travel this month. tell you what, I've traveled most of Australia and its just an awesome place to tour.
  19. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    I have traveled most of Australia's and it was awesome. the sights pay off
  20. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    Good very good.

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