Where is the best place to visit in the world?

Discussion in 'UK' started by dawson9b7b, May 1, 2007.

  1. gekkohq

    gekkohq New Member

    So many places I want to go, not enough time and money......
  2. irishmarie

    irishmarie New Member

    I would say Philippines because there are a lots of beaches such as Boracay and Samal Island in Davao City. Philippines have different Historic cultures, museum and churches. I guarantee you, you will love Philippines. A Place where you can relax and enjoy.
  3. raissazhou02

    raissazhou02 New Member

    I think you can come to China, which is a country with good people and long history, and delicious food, also so many good things with low prices. I love China so much.Of course there are so many beautiful places for you to have a look.
  4. gekkohq

    gekkohq New Member

    I like visiting city rich in multicultural history and attractions .London is well known for the world as an important centre of culture, finance, commerce and historical monuments...... Especially this year with it's unusal hot and dry summer , London is top on my list!
  5. samwalker16

    samwalker16 New Member

    Well, i must say you should visit to Thailand, I went there 2 years back with my friends.

    It was really a good experience, it was my best tour ever.

    Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. you can visit beautiful beaches like patong beach in phuket, phi phi island, karon beach (Phuket), and visit lot of pretty temples like wat suthat in bangkok, its one of the most beautiful temples there.

    So don't think and book your holidays to Thailand and have fun there.
  6. ruthlopez22

    ruthlopez22 New Member

    You must go at Spain.
  7. sophielilydj

    sophielilydj New Member

    For culture - China
    For beach - Malaysia
    For adventure - India
    For religious - Japan, Thailand
    For shopping - KL
    For business - China
    For natural beauty - China
    For food - Malaysia
  8. samual

    samual New Member

    You can really make your tour exciting by visiting India. Its a country of tradition and culture.
  9. cstanley64

    cstanley64 New Member

    I recommend New York! It's pretty nice actually and it;s nice to get out of the usual places to visit which most people prefer to be bright, sunny and with a body of water. It's a really wonderful thing to be in the "City of Opportunities" you know. So why not give it a shot? And if you're thinking that cheap New York hotels is impossible then you're wrong. Try looking it up!
  10. travel2india

    travel2india New Member

    Hi everybody,

    My suggestion of best place to visit is

    Egypt- the civilization of pyramids.which makes it outstanding and unique from others

    India-The country of temples,peace and pious ideologies
  11. Marco

    Marco New Member

    So true.

    My list to visit:

    - Caribbean islands
    - Cuba
    - Madagascar
    - Brazil
    - Iceland

    Hope I'll get at least to 3 of those I next few years ;)
  12. travel2india

    travel2india New Member

    Its all depands on your choice, what type of place would you like to see..If you are interested in history visit the country of Pyramids---EGYPT.If you want to feel and enjoy the beauty of nature you can go to kerla in India
  13. Jhon Smitch

    Jhon Smitch New Member

    I have visited over 80 countries and I think the best place to visit in any season is my great country Pakistan which have sunny beaches high mountains and each and every thing any body can expect.Can not only be only one place. Depends what interest u have. If u r a Catholic u go visit the Vatican and see the Pope from window in Christmas.Disney no matter how old you are the place is truly magical and the best time to go is late October to early November of all the times we've been this was best for weather and queues.
  14. emily

    emily New Member

    Why not plan for a world trip ;)
    Anyways i would suggest that go to India as its completely rich in culture and every state of the country will provide you with a new and exciting experience.
  15. allprjct

    allprjct Guest


    I like to suggest you to visit Dubai.
    This is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
    dubai is the best place for football,
    Dubai shares legal, political, military and economic functions with the other emirates.
    so if you wanna go to any where then you can visit and i also suggest you this is the best place for visit all over the world.

  16. marlindaniel

    marlindaniel New Member

    I say India. A wonderful sub continent with different cultures and different dressing styles and religions and sacred places of them. You will learn a lot from only one visit...
  17. bibasihota

    bibasihota New Member

  18. peter2travel

    peter2travel New Member

    I will suggest you North cypurs ,Its having some of the finest beaches in the world with wide spread see beaches and the easy and cheaper accommodation .Visit once you will definitely love it.
  19. stanleysigmund

    stanleysigmund New Member

    I would say London because it is my favorite city. The British museum and Buckingham palace are awesome. It's great that you'll have plenty of time to spend there.
  20. peter2travel

    peter2travel New Member

    Hi stanleysigmund hope you are doing good of course London is one of the best place to visit in Europe but it quite expensive .If you have visited earlier can you provide some list of cheap hotels to stay ,cheap car rental company so that i can save some money .
    Any advice is highly appreciated .

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