Where is the romantic place in Australia ?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Glane, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Glane

    Glane New Member

    Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It's about the same size as the 48 mainland states of the USA and 50 per cent larger than Europe. There is so many romantic places in it.

    But which one u feel the most romantic???????????
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I think Perth is a great romantic getaway for couples with gorgeous beaches, fine restaurants and excellent accommodation.

    I think the sunsets and swimming in the Indian Ocean in Perth are just two of the main attractions in Perth for a romantic getaway for couples.
  3. nimmysnv

    nimmysnv New Member


    Yes, Perth is a very beautiful place in Australia and it is simply awesome to hang around with your partner as one of my couple friends choose this place for their honeymoon and they showed me the pics also as this place is amazing and no doubt filled with beautiful nature.

  4. Glane

    Glane New Member

    I welcome your suggestions.....
    But we cannot avoid Sunrise Beach on the Sunshine Coast. Although popular with surfers in the mornings, this beautiful sandy beach is vast enough for there to be plenty of room for everyone and still feel as though you have to yourselves.
  5. travelchic

    travelchic New Member

    hi glane. have you had a look at bluemountains? and tasmania?
  6. johandonald

    johandonald New Member

    I think Sydney is the most romantic place in Australia. There are lot of fun in Sydney like Opera house, harbour bridge etc.
  7. mitchd

    mitchd New Member

    Definitely fly into Sydney and then travel either up to the north coast or down to the south coast. There are plenty of small towns are luxury resorts around there that are breathtakingly romantic.
  8. dexternicholson

    dexternicholson New Member

    There are lot of romantic places in Australia. You can go to Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Sydney has a terrific beaches and great city walks perfect for couples. Melbourne is also a good option, also nice beaches and romantic restaurants. Perth is also a romantic place. The sunsets and fine swimming in the Indian Ocean are just two of the attractions for couples here.
  9. partymarty

    partymarty New Member

    It would have to be Heart reef off the Whitsundays. I once was dropped there by helicopter with a bottle of champagne, cheeseplatter and a windsurfer to use as a floating table.
  10. BlackEyes

    BlackEyes Guest

    As for my experience, Blue Mountain was my top romantic place in Australia because of the nice restaurants there and really great scenery. I will commend also the sunshine coast coz' my wife loves that too (she pinched me because sunshine coast is not my no. 1 romantic place).
  11. jordo

    jordo New Member

    It all depends on which form of romance your after !! ;)
    Im surprised no one has mention the Great Ocean Road!
    Drive anywhere from half and hour to 8 hours and you will find amazing romantic locations.
    Anywhere on the reef is great for pricier form of romance !
    Tasmania is also beautiful....In fact lets just say...park anywhere on any part of the coast in Australia and you will be on a winner !
  12. BlackEyes

    BlackEyes New Member

    Your idea of a romantic retreat is palm-lined paradise, Look no further Queensland’s Mission Beach is the perfect place for you!
  13. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I would have to agree with the Heart Reef reply in the Whitsundays of the Great Barrier Reef but also there is nothing like toasting the sunset on Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Outback's Northern Territory from the sand dunes of Voyages Longitude 131 all-inclusive resort with champagne and didgeridoo playing.
  14. kennethparker

    kennethparker New Member

    Queensland’s Mission Beach and Whitsunday Islands is most romantic places in Australia.
  15. tiasis

    tiasis New Member

    I would have to say sailing for a day (or two, or three) in the Whitsunday Islands is not only romantic, but also some of the best scenery I've ever seen.
  16. daveyboyd

    daveyboyd New Member

    There's some really nice n cosy restaurants in Manly, Sydney. There's one that's across from Oval and its modeled after a library. Thats my tip.
  17. carly76

    carly76 New Member

    My husband and I live in Sydney and recently celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary at the Hunter Valley - which is only a 2 hour drive north of Sydney. We hired a limo and went around the wineries, cheese factories, chocolate shops and olive farms.

    That night we stayed at one of the smaller wineries and had the most mazing dinner at their restaurant.

    I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a romantic get-away!
  18. jaycar

    jaycar New Member

    I love the Barossa valley in South Australia. There's nothing like travelling around to all the wineries and then going back to your hotel for a candlelit dinner and maybe watching the sunset. Corny I know but that's what it's like there. ;-)
  19. darwinhub

    darwinhub New Member

    For me, the most romantic places in Australia are Blue Mountains and Darwin. These two places are most visited by couples that want to spend quality time with each other.
  20. sandas3211

    sandas3211 New Member

    I think the sunsets and swimming in the Indian Ocean in Perth are just two of the main attractions in Perth for a romantic getaway for couples.

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