Where should I go in South America?

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by deontebolaw, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. deontebolaw

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    My partner and I are planning a 3 month holiday travelling around South America... obviously we want to do the big tourist attractions like Machu Picchu and so on.. but does anyone have any ideas that aren't so well known? We are planning on going from Jan - April, are quite adventurous, but not so athletic shall we say!
  2. Xmas1920

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    good on you buddy. Will it b your first time to South America? if so, 3 months may be too much for a first time visit to South America, unless you're traveling with people who have been to SA before. The way I went about doing my trip to South America was to split in 2 trips. First trip, I did Argentina and Brazil and my second trip I did Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Honestly, there's so much to see and do that breaking your trip into several trips will be most rewarding.
  3. magicman

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    tips for South America trip

    I suggest starting your south american trip in Quito Ecuador as it's a great place to introduce yourself to the continent. Also, most things are cheap there and there are lots of tourists/backpakers who you'll be able to talk to and ask for tips and advice. Hows your spanish btw? It's be a good idea to enroll yourselves in a Spanish school (preferably in Quito) to polish up your spanish (it will help a lot knowning more than the basics).
  4. getinAMrr

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    South America visas

    Adventurous but not athletic, you say? that is not a good combo when traveling to places like South america. You'll be walking/hiking a lot and a 3 month trip in the continent isn't for the faint of heart. Also, dod you sort out the visas? If you're from the US, you will need one for Argentina, which will cost around $130. As far as Peru and Brazil, I think you won't need one.
  5. op-ohno

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    handy tip for South America

    south america is an awesome place and it's such a cultural experience. I've been to SA three times now and I'd also suggest sticking to visiting two countries max or you will get overwhelmed. Also, forget about renting or hiring a car. Buses is the way to travel in SA and they're well cheap. One thing though, don’t buy your bus ticket from anyone other than the bus company at the station to avoid being ripped off.
  6. wordpresseru

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    traveling to South America

    Take your pick! South america is one of those places where you ca pretty much explore with ease because of the huge expat communities and tourist infrastructure. Most people believe that Chile is the safest country (though with the latest earthquakes, i doubt it); while others say that Argentinian is the most European south american country (whatever that means!).
  7. madwomano

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    best way to decide where to travel

    The way I decide where I normally go on my travels is according to the tourist attractions. In this case, it would be Chris Redeemer statue (Brazil), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Machu-Picchu (Peru), Patagonia (Argentina), etc. Hope that helps you deciding where to go in south america. It certainly helped me;)
  8. wanderer

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    Believe it or not. Colombia is a destination with some merit. It's come a long way from its rough and tumble 90s. My boss just went to coastal Colombia a week or two ago and he really liked the seafood and warm weather. It reminded him a lot of Puerto Rico.

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