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Discussion in 'Australia' started by zowie, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. zowie

    zowie New Member

    Hi where would you reccomend to 18 year old girls from newcastle go while in sydney for a wk in nov
  2. MarkWills

    MarkWills New Member

    Hi Zowie, I hope that I am not too late in getting here. For a trip to Sydney, you can check out the blue mountains and the hunter valleys for good spots. The dolphins tours would be a fun filling experience and the whales there are a good oceanic experience. .
  3. khatrineluz

    khatrineluz New Member

    Bondi Beach
    Closest Beach to the City
    Bondi Beach Sydney Closest beach to the city centre of Sydney, both beautiful and world famous

    Sydney Harbour Cruise.
    An enjoyable way to get to places to visit such as historical Parramatta, the Olympic Site at Homebush, Manly Beach and many others including Taronga Zoo, is to take a jetcat, ferry or rivercat from Circular Quay.

    Royal Botanic Gardens - Has more than 7500 trees and was established in 1836. Situated by the Sydney Opera House the gardens cover more than 30 hectares of colourful flowers, rose gardens, threatened and exotic species and splendid harbourside views.

    Taronga Zoo, easily accessible by ferry at Circular Quay, has a large collection of Australian fauna plus other animals from around the world. Including of course, Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos, Wallabees and many more.

    Mrs Macquaries Chair, on the other side of the Royal Botanic Gardens from the Sydney Opera House, has the best views of the harbour.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge can not only be photographed, but climbed, walked over and explored at the Bridge Museum. Entrance Cumberland Street, there are great harbour views to be had. A BridgeClimb Tour is the ultimate way to enjoy spectacular Sydney Harbour views.

    The Harbour Islands, including Fort Denison and Goat Island can be toured via the National Parks and Wildlife Service at Cadmans Cottage on Sydney Cove, The Rocks.
  4. angelinadavid84

    angelinadavid84 New Member

    Bondi beach, museums and art galleries, Sydney opera house and many more sights are there to see in Sydney....
  5. Jbetia

    Jbetia New Member

    Sydney the most famous would be the opera house and bondi beach area.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    In addition to the popular Sydney attractions such as Opera house, Harbour bridge, Bondi beach and Taronga Zoo, you can also explore the tiny Islands of Sydney namely Shark Island Clark Island, Cockatoo Island, Fort Denison, Goat Island & Rodd Island. I have been to Sydney 4 times and one of my favourite Sydney attractions is the 'Shark Island', it's a perfect picnic destination in the middle of Sydney Harbour with a small beach. It can be easily reached by a water taxi from Sydney Harbour and you can explore surfing, swimming, bodyboarding and fishing here. Cockatoo Island is also one of the popular Sydney attractions and it's the largest island of Sydney. If you are looking for unusual Sydney attractions, then try these Islands :), Good luck!
  7. KrimsonTide

    KrimsonTide New Member

    Blue Mountains, which are just 1 hour from the city centre by train. Katoomba is amazing there, and dont miss the "3 Sisters".

    Bondi Beach is a bit overated (very small beach and full of people), so i suggest Manly Beach which is north of the city centre. Ferries go there every hour from Sydney city.

    Botanical Gardens (near Opera House).

    And of course.. .the Opera House, a must see :)
  8. shubhranshu

    shubhranshu New Member

    Sydney Harbour Cruise, Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens, Fort Denison and Goat Island etc are some popular places of interest. There are too many places besides these so y may plan your trip after reaching there. Better book a local tour package.

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