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    Anyone visiting Mongolia and staying in Ulaanbaatar for a long period I recommend not missing the opportunity to learn Mongolian. I would recommend taking classes at the Prime Bridge School, which is located behind the Flower Hotel (in Sansar District) in Ulaanbaatar. I think a 2 week course is about $200.
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    There are quite a few Mongolian language schools in Ulaanbaatar. Here it's their details

    - Sodon Chimee Mongolian Language Center: 'sodon_chimee[at]yahoo.com'
    - Bridge Language School: 'info[at]bridge.edu.mn'
    - Nom-Ekhe Mongolian Language School for Foreigners: bat_urnaa[at]yahoo.de
    - Friends Mongolian Language School: friendsmonschool[at]yahoo.com
    - Institute of International Studies: dashpurev[at]magicnet.mn
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    That's a cool suggestion. I never thought to add some language classes to my tours. I suspect that it would make Mongolia travel go a lot more smoothly. Thanks for the information.

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