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    what are the areas where hotel resorts are located? im trying to get an idea because we're booking our trip. Any ideas please? thanks!
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    hi there,

    To give an idea of the main areas in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Punta Cana, Playa Dorada and Cabarate are the main areas to stay on the island.

    The capital of Santo Domingo offers buzzing restaurants and bars and historical monuments so it is great if you are planning to see and do a lot of things.

    If you're looking for a more relaxing vacation, Punta Cana is a great as it offers all inclusive resorts and untouched beaches.

    Hope this helps
  3. The Travel Slut

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    My first time to both the D.R. and P.C. was awesome.

    I have friends that had previously visited the Dominican Republic and specifically, the Punta Cana resort area on the southeast side of the island. They all raved about the sand, the beaches, the water and the resorts.

    Flying into Punta Cana you land on a modern "tropical" airfield and the terminal is built into huge thatched "palapas" or buildings.

    The weather at 17 degrees latitude is more tropical than Florida but not so different that I was affected. Most tourists are European. Americans were scarce when I was there.

    People come here from all over the world & I can see why. If I did not have similar beaches and water where I live, I would be more amazed at what Punta Cana has to offer. The beach sand is some of the best you will experience and there is plenty of it--miles in fact.

    The Caribbean blue water is inviting and about 85 degrees F right now.

    Everyone can enjoy either the sun (be careful though, it burns fast at this latitude) or the shade of a palm tree on the beach.

    Most resorts are all-inclusive (all you can eat, drink and be entertained with) and nearly all are beachfront or beach-close. I stayed at the Bahia Principe between Breezes and the Riu at the far east end of Punta Cana.

    I was able to walk the beach onto Riu property but Breezes was too far away for a quick walk-on inspection.

    My resort offered modern amenities, good food, good drink, and a great staff of friendly, helpful people. English was spoken (or understood enough) by 99% of the staff and combined with my limited Spanish, communication was not an issue.

    PC is relatively inexpensive and uncrowded, very friendly from my experience.

    The Travel Slut Top 10 Tips for Bahia Principe Resort & Spa in Punta Cana:

    1) Upgrade to the Royal Golden Principe club which entitles you to a room closest to the beach area and several other worthwhile amenities. If you do, remind your driver to drop you off at each special lobby.
    2) Bring a "coozie" or insulated cup if you plan beach or pool time. Ice in your drink will melt before you can reach your lounger.
    3) Expect staff to greet you with "Ola" and a smile no matter where you are on property.
    4) Different color wristbands identify your classification as regular, diamond or gold members.
    5) Bell service is essential. They are quick and friendly and run 24-7.
    6) Be sure to check out the Principe "Village" of shops, casino and outdoor entertainment near the resorts' entrance.
    7) Ask for two room keys. You can then leave one in the power socket so when you exit the room the air conditioner remains on.
    8) Make your dinner reservations for the theme restaurant of your choice early in the day as they tend to be filled up after 3 PM
    9) If you want to check daily activities or check a map of where you are on property, look for the large marquee-type signs at various tram-trolley stops along the resorts central walkway.
    10) Be sure to allow plenty of time for check-out. You will need an exit ticket from reception indicating you have settled your bill prior to leaving

    This resort came recommended and I can see why.

    The resort's 1,500 junior suites on 3 separate but adjoining properties all have modern amenities, are spacious, & clean, My room was #1101 & closest to the beach & pool. 24 hour room service included.

    There are 6 bars including a swim-up bar. Odalis is the best bartender @ the lobby bar. He's funny, charming, & makes a great "Dirty Monkey".

    There are several themed restaurants: Japanese, Mexican, Steak House, Fish & Spanish. All require reservations & dress-up.

    There are 5 pools, a childrens section and all are very nice.

    Non-motorized sports & activities are included @ 1 hr. per day. There's an activity director w/staff who keep people busy poolside/beachside if so desired. All watersports are offered. Remember at latitude 17, you will sunburn quickly. I didn't use the spa/gym this trip but they are full service and new.

    The resort property is HUGE. It's 1/2 mile long trolley-tram service between lobby & beach-pool area is in a loop so excessive walking is not a major concern.

    Food: good variety & selection, above average quality, & choice of buffet or reservation-only/sit-down dinners. The teppanyaki-style Japanese dinner I had was OK & similar to a Benihana's.

    Drinks: Domestic beer & rum offered. Top shelf liquor was available but not included. NOTE: premium wine was not available. Someone found me a "premium" bottle @ $24 U.S.. It was a $5 Woodbridge white zin. Pool bar drinks were not as good as other bars on property.

    There were enough loungers & beach/shade.

    Entertainment: Staff did nightly shows outdoors & while the music & dancing was fine, it was too hot & some people left early.

    A few things I did not understand:
    1) The in-room safe required an extra charge
    2) The available wine was limited to primarily 1 brand
    3) The outdoor entertainment was uncomfortably hot at night.
    4) Why are the pools shut down at 8 PM?

    I hope this helps a little.

    Ann, T.S. :)
  4. redsonja

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    popular areas in Dominican Republic

    there are so many popular areas in Dom Rep that you can't go wrong, though my favorite areas are Punta Cana and Puerto Plata for their beautiful beaches and many resorts.

    If you love surfing and wind-sports, the town of Cabarete is the best spot in Dom Rep for windsurfing and kite-boarding.

    A few all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic I suggest are Club Med Punta Cana, Viva Wyndham Tangerine and Dreams Punta Cana.
  5. pvetkin

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    Dominican Destinations

    I'd suggest staying in the Zona Colonial if you enjoy atmosphere of hot tourist spots. Zona Colonial is really lively and you can enjoy a show with local music pretty much every day of the week.

    There are cool attractions in the Zona Colonial like the unique cobblestone streets, some of the oldest buildings in all of the Caribbean, and museums like the Dominican Republic Museum of Modern Art, the Museo de las Casas Reales, and the Museo del Hombre Dominicano.
  6. Incapo

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    popular spot in Dominican Republic

    To make it clear guys...

    Punta Cana and Bavaro are located on the eastern part of the island of Dominican Republic

    Cabarete, Puerto Plata, and Playa Dorada are located on the Northern Coast.

    Boca Chica La Romana, and Juan Dolio are located on the Southern Coast.

    Punta Cana is by far the most popular spot in Dominican Republic, but it's also the most expensive and most touristy.
  7. stevepalina

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    avoid Dominican Republic in august

    I have been to Dominican Republic times in march and april, and one time in august, which was a mistake. I knew it was rainy season but wasn't expecting it to be that bad in the southern part of the island. I found out later that in the northern part of the island the weather is much fair much better when it comes to rain in August (d'oh)

    Another annoying thing about traveling in August to Dom Rep if you're a couple is the amount of families an kids. Again, we din't think about the school holiday season this time of the year..anyway you get the picture.
  8. solomonG

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    Dominican Republic resorts

    If you want the perfect honeymoon getaway, stay in all inclusive Dominican Republic resorts such as Natura Park Beach Eco Resort & Spa which boast amenities such as tennis, golf, spa, and watersports such as snorkeling and windsurfing.

    If seclusion is what you want, then the best Dominican Republic resort has to be the Puntacana Resort & Club.

    For partying and a cheap vacation, I'd head to one of Boca Chica resorts such as the Coral Hamaca, which is a popular evening hot spot where you can enjoy lively music well into the wee hours of the day.
  9. donaldsons

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    Punta Cana nightlife

    Mangu at the Occidental resort is the only true party place in Punta Cana if want a party vacation like Ibiza or Aiya Napa. By the way, Mangu isn't a far taxi ride away from other resorts, though don't pay more than $10 for a 10 minute taxi ride.

    Otherwise, I'd say overall that Punta Cana is relatively quiet as far as night life is concerned and it's more like a family-friendly place for the most part.
  10. pokhuy

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    Punta Cana is the tourist hot spot

    I stayed in La Romana in Punta Cana and had such a blast that I stayed 3 more nights. I had to fly home out of Punta Cana airport instead of La Romana, which took about 1 hour but it was the most wonderful ride as I got to travel through mountainous terrain, cities, and farmlands. I really got to see so much more of the Dominican Republic.

    I would agree with others that Punta Cana is the tourist hot spot and a bit commercialized, though if you're looking to do snorkeling tours, jungle tours, water sports, etc, I would recommend PT.
  11. nomas4

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    cheap areas in Bavaro

    I wouldn't advice going to Dom Rep without booking an all inclusive as they are really good value for money. Don't get me wrong, there are a few traditional hotel/motel type businesses, but for the money you might be able to find a better deal at an all inclusive.

    As far as cheap areas, there is part of Bavaro, called El Cortecito, where you will find cheap hotels such as El Cortecito which charge around $50 per night. You don't any reservation, so you can just show up but during the high season the price might be higher and the rooms maybe full.
  12. celonagh

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    general tips about Dominican Republic

    Here it is few general tips about Dom Rep:

    1. Spanish is spoken and the currency is the Dominican Peso (RD) but U.S. dollars are widely accepted.
    2. Electricity is 110 volts AC, 60 Hz with American style two-pin plugs.
    3. If you are a Canadian entering the Dominican Republic for tourist purposes must purchase a tourist card, at a cost of $10.00 U.S. which is valid for 30 days.
    4. Tipping is important so I suggest getting $100 worth of singles for tips so you are prepared for your whole trip.
    5. Make sure to bring an activated international calling card with you to make phone calls.
  13. OptimusPrime

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    Puerta Plata or Punta Cana

    There are a couple of areas in the Dominican Republic that almost exclusive to tourists which are Puerta Plata and Punta Cana. Both these places have lots and lots of all-Inclusive resorts which is great if it's what you are looking for in the Dom Rep.

    Either way, you can go wrong in Dom Rep no matter where you go as the country is pretty much geared towards tourism. I went to Punta Cana myself and stayed in an all-inclusive resort with a great buffet, shows and clubs, spas, and water sports.
  14. whatyagona

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    stay in Punta Rucia, or Santo Domingo

    If are going to the Dominican Republic in March you can do whale watching tours that will get you to swim with whales. I suggest staying in Punta Rucia if you want to enjoy a quite and relaxing vacation, or Santo Domingo if you don't like big resorts or very touristy places but do like snorkeling, sightseeing, lively nightlife, and fun tours.

    Jarabacoa is another place where you can stay in Dom Rep if you like the outdoors, as there's some great hiking and wildlife spotting opportunities.

  15. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    stay in Punta Cana

    Punta Cana is a nice area to stay though a little on the touristy side for some people. I still think Punta Cana is great specially if you're new to the island. I've stayed before at the Barcelo Bavaro resort in May and we had a great time as the beach was gorgeous!

    you can also do a ton of fun activities like jungle excursions on four-wheel bikes, buggy rides, jeep safaris, monster trucks or helicopter rides for a memorable views of Dom Rep. there are also many companies offering these adventure tours so there is good price competitions, which is why I say that Punta Cana is best for newbies.

  16. aiming56

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    stay in Punta Cana

    Punta Cana is a nice area to stay though a little on the touristy side for some people. I still think Punta Cana is great specially if you're new to the island. I've stayed before at the Barcelo Bavaro resort in May and we had a great time as the beach was gorgeous!

    you can also do a ton of fun activities like jungle excursions on four-wheel bikes, buggy rides, jeep safaris, monster trucks or helicopter rides for a memorable views of Dom Rep. there are also many companies offering these adventure tours so there is good price competitions, which is why I say that Punta Cana is best for newbies.

  17. jimmyson778

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    staying in Dominican Republic

    we've been to Dom Rep a couple of times already and loved it every time. The first time we went in the second week in December and in the second week of May. I think you will love it no matter where you go as the people are lovely and willing to help you all the time. By the way, both times we stayed in the the Gran Bahia San Juan which is in the north east of the island where the beaches are best.
  18. tkmaxx

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    where to stay Dom Rep

    I you arre flying to Punta Cana and want to stay close to the airport I would suggest staying in an hotel at Juan Dolio beach, near San Pedro de Macoris, between La Romana and Santo Domingo.

    Punta Rucia on the north coast of Dom Rep is amazing, as well as Santo Domingo which is a three hour drive away from Punta Cana but worth the visit to see the oldest city in the Americas - Zona Colonial. Isla Saona is also a nice spot but don't expect to be on your own as it is popular place to visit from Punta Cana.

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