where to stay in Great Smoky Mountains NP

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    If you plan to visit Great Smoky Mountains NP and are wondering about accommodation options, you should know that the park has no motels or rental cabins located within it other than a lodge. The towns surrounding the park offer the best accommodation options for Great Smoky Mountains. A few towns I suggest are Gatlinburg, Cherokee (home to Harrah's Casino), Townsend and Cades Cove. I personally suggets the Bearskin Lodge in Gatlinburg.
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    Leconte lodge Great Smoky Mountains NP

    If you want a central location, the lodge inside the park is worth staying at. It is very basic rustic lodge (no electricity) but has modern flush toilets. You do have to book in advance if you want to get a spot so call ahead of time.
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    Re: Leconte lodge Great Smoky Mountains NP

    the actual lodge sits on top of Leconte mountain (hence the name of the lodge) and the only way to get to it is on foot. If I remember well, it's about an 8 mile trek. It's a bit of a trek getting up there but it's well worth it if you ask me. the views from the top are surreal.

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    There's been a boom into lodging around this area...so you don't have to stay int he park if you're looking for luxury or budget hotels. There's a relatively new resort at Dollywood that also provides lodging near the park.
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    You can get some really cheap lodges in this area, just make sure it is near a bus stop if you don't have your personal vehicle.

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