Where to Stay in the Florida Keys

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    The Florida Keys are filled with a unique beauty like no other place in the United States, and wherever you decide to stay, really, you'll enjoy some of the most lovely views by the sea. On our last journey down there, we drove, and all the way down to Key West. I'd certainly recommend camping at least once, which is what we did on our first night. Laying out under the stars is a completely wonderful experience with the cool breeze, even in summer, no mosquitoes, and the water lapping against the rocks. Wow! is all I can say. There are several boutique hotels in the Keys, and they often provide a very lovely personalized experience during your stay. Also, the hotels and resorts are a complete experience of their own. Southernmost on the Beach is near the southernmost tip of the United States in Key West, and Santa Maria Suites is one of the most highly recommended by guests in Key West. Other great options include Orchid Key Inn, Parrot Key Hotel and Resort, Eden House, and Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa.
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    staying in the Florida Keys

    So many places you can stay in the Keys...I like staying in Key West for the nightlife when going with friends , but I think Islamorada or Marathon are overall the best spots in the Keys. The reason I say this is because both Islamorada and Marathon are an easy day trip to Key West and Key Largo.

    By the way, one thing you will NOT find is the Keys is a mall. There is a small outlet mall in Florida City, which is an hour from Islamorada, but what you will find in Key West is plenty of small shops.

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