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Discussion in 'Japan' started by tatianaali, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. tatianaali

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    While most people advise to stay in central Tokyo within the Yamanote loop line, my favorite place to stay in Tokyo is in the Shimbashi/Shiodome area, as it's close to the JR Shimbashi station. There you also have the choice of variety of hotels and ins such as the 5-star Conrad, 3-star Villa Fontaine hotel and Tokyu Inn. if you're on a very tight budget, it's best you stay somewhere in the North East of Central Tokyo, Ueno, Asakusa, Iriya or Minami Senju.
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    cheap way to stay in Tokyo

    Tokyo is really expensive. I couchsurfed there before, but finding a couch in Tokyo isn't easy. The cheapest way to stay in Tokyo is staying at a local's home via a "Home Stay" company. A bit like in Cuba with "Casas Particulares", though this option really for students or backpackers. I don't see many tourists going this route but hey, it's another option.
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    Shinjuku or Shibuya would be your best options because of great transport options to/from the airport, though Shibuya doesn't really have as many hotel choices. There's also the old-side of Tokyo you could use as a base like Asakusa, which is far less touristy.
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    Are there any hostels in Tokio?
  5. danebowers

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    Yes, there are. I stayed at the Tokyo Khaosan Ninja Hostel and so I recommend this place. Hostels are very cheap in Tokyo but draw younger people mostly.

  6. ilovejapan

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    I recommend "Sakura Hotel".
    If you needs, ask the locals about Japan in your native language.
    Try to search for "Tazuu"
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    price in tokyo is high,really high, right? i ve never been there :(
  8. simkelyte

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    How can you say that price is high, when you never been there?
  9. wanderer

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    Most big cities are pretty expensive, and Tokyo is famous for being expensive even as big cities go. But that also means that you have a lot of choices in where to stay: Dome Hotels, Capsule Hotels, Cheap Hotels, Luxury Hotels, and Hostels. Lots of choices mean lots of different prices.
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    Yokohama is a best place where you can stay.
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    I was planning to stay in Shibuya this coming February, a friend suggested me that it's one of the best places to stay while exploring the city.

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