Where to stay near Yellowstone

Discussion in 'Wyoming' started by mitraveler, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Let's continue our Yellowstone discussion! There are so many choices of where to stay near Yellowstone National Park. More than a dozen campgrounds are located in and around the park with more than 2,000 sites. Concessionaire Xanterra operates several cozy lodges. For those of you like who like backcountry camping, there's barely an end to your options. Then there's the Yellowstone hotels that offer all ranges of accommodations. What's your favorite?
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    staying near Yellowstone

    I have been to yellowstone park a few times, and I wouldn't recommend staying in Jackson Hole. There is so much driving in Yellowstone that getting back to accommodations near Jackson Hole each day would be tiresome. Don't get me wrong, you could stay there for 3 or so nights, but you would also want to get some space closer to Yellowstone, or even inside the park.

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