where to stay on long layover in Almaty

Discussion in 'Kazakhstan' started by davidklit, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. davidklit

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    Having been several times on 24 hour layover stops in Almaty, here it's a few things I would say about where to stay/ sleep. I would not suggest staying inside the airport terminal because is way too noisy and you wont be able to get a good sleep. Instead, go to one of the hotels nearly like Alma-Ata, Aksunkar hotel, etc which should not cost you more than $35 a night.
  2. bamily

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    if you're going to be in Almaty on a layover, you may as well get to know the city....I recommend doing a city tour (it costs around $50 and includes walking/bus tour). You'll get to see the main sights like the Central State Museum, Palace of President, Republic Square, Monument of Independence, Astana Square, Almaty Railway Station, Central Mosque, Green Bazaar, Panfilov Park, Abai Square and Palace of Republic.
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    I'd skip booking a tour and concentrating on getting a good sleep and seeing a few sites..I suggest exploring the Big Almaty Lake area, the WWII memorial park and the Yurt-shaped national museum. you should be able to kill 5 hours on those three places.

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