Which is the best place in Central America

Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by johnrica, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. johnrica

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    Hi There!
    Next year i am thinking of visiting Central America but i do not where to go. Because i have a very small account of vacations. But in these i am not wanted to stay home. Please suggest me where should i go.
    I am here waiting for your great suggestions.
  2. awsomee

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    Can you give us more info on dates, budget, and likes? that way you can get better responses. On that note, I can suggest Costa Rica if you're into eco-tourism and want to stay within the tourist trail. Panama is great for surfing, while Nicaragua is a great vacation destination if you want to experience the real central America!
  3. ToliaJohn

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    wow, that's like asking what's the best place in Europe. Central America is big and diverse so it's hard to say which is best. "Best" would depends on many factors. Best for tourists, families, solo travel, etc? I suggest visiting the following: Tikal and Lago de Atitlan (Guatemala), the Hummingbird Highway (Belize), Ruta de las Flores (El Salvador), Bay Islands (Honduras) and Isla de Ometepe (Nicaragua).
  4. MisterP

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    Nicaragua or Costa Rica

    Central and South America are great destinations for backpackers. In fact, backpacking is one of the best ways to explore theses beautiful regions. I'd probably say that Nicaragua is the best country to visit in Central America for the first time because of it's diversity, tourist infrastructure and stunning landscapes.

    Nicaragua is often called the land of lake and volcanoes, great for tourism. There are really beautiful landscapes and weather. If you prefer a more touristy destination, then it's best you stick to Costa Rica...the tourist infrastructure and amenities is one of the best in the continent.
  5. NicolaHko

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    First time traveler to Central America

    I'd say too that San Jose in Costa Rica is a good start if you've never been to central America, though Costa Rica as a whole tends to be a lot more expensive than other Central American countries because of high tourism from the US. Saying this, aside from organized tours, getting around (buses) and accomodation (hostels) in Costa Rica are generally quite cheap. I would budget around $20 to $40 for accomodation + transportation per day.

    Also, do you speak Spanish? learning a few words would definitely help you along the way;)

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