White Water Rafting in Victoria falls

Discussion in 'Zambia' started by westerner, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. westerner

    westerner New Member

    Which is the perfect time to go for a rafting in Victoria falls, is it available year around, or seasonwise, have any been to Victoria falls and done rafting, if so share your experiences-thanks.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    hi, Rafting in Victoria falls is the biggest adventurous experience and I had once. This activity is seasonal and it depends upon the rainfall and water levels. We did in last November and during the time the water level was low. Normally from mid July to end of January, the water level will be low and that's the safest time to go. From Feb. to mid July, the water level will be very high and sometimes they stop this activity in mid March. I really enjoyed the rafting in Zambezi river at the bottom of the Victoria Falls, never forgettable and I took many wonderful photos when I was in Victoria falls, so take nice camera with you and don't miss any thing, just click it out all, hope you will enjoy the Victoria falls white water rafting! have fun!

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