Why we should travel to myanmar?

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    With thousands of temples, pagodas, towers golden around the history and traditional culture is preserved gave Myanmar a mysterious beauty, unique ... and beauty that is sure to make any any visitors must also overwhelmed when visiting, and that is why recently, Myanmar is increasingly attracting tourists so much ...
    In recent years, along with Thailand, the Burma is seen as an attractive destination for international tourists.

    Surely you are curious why travel to Myanmar to be appreciated as such, and to Myanmar where you will go and what to do? Here are some reasons why tourists choose a destination in Myanmar.

    1. The country of temples:

    If Cambodia is known as the "country temples," or Thailand as the "Country of gold pagodas", Myanmar is in favor Dubbed as "The Land of Temples". We can say, go in Myanmar you can see temples, stupas.

    2. Yangon - Myanmar's old capital:

    a city Yangon and colorful. This is always the destination of many tourists choose. Yangon attracts visitors because there are many beautiful landscapes, delicious food, many temples bearing the European architecture was built from the British colonial era. (yangon private tour)

    3. Golden Pagoda (Shwedagon Pagoda):

    Temple dating back over 2,600 years old, famous for Buddha statue at the temple all are covered in gold. In addition, the Golden Temple is a place to store 8 hairs of Gautama Buddha - sacred treasures of Buddhism. In Yangon, the Golden Pagoda (Shwedagon Pagoda) is considered the most sacred temple of Myanmar.

    4. Population Bagan temples in the city:

    The city whose former name was Pagan, was the capital of the kingdom of Bagan - the first unified dynasty lands forming Myanmar today. The most interesting thing in Bagan temples are all situated only 42 km2 in area. You should wake up early, go cycling scenic sunrise, then explore the temples in the city. You can enjoy the panoramic view and capture great photos of this city by balloon. For the people of Myanmar, Bagan is their pride, hence the saying: "If you are a real Myanmar, you have to Bagan".

    5. Mandalay city

    The 700 km north of Yangon, Mandalay is considered an important Buddhist center of Myanamar, by keeping the original features as possible. Here, visitors can learn, explore and experience the culture, spirituality and religious character of the country Myanmar. At this point you can not ignore the U Bein wooden bridge. This is the longest teak bridge in the world, made from the wood remains of the construction of the royal palace. One suggestion for you is to come here at sunset, find a seat and a scenic lakeside sunset.

    6. Inle lake

    Inle (or Inlay) in Burmese means large lake, is located in central Shan State, the city of Taung-kyi, Shan state capital about 40 kilometers south. Think of the people in Myanmar, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world. Here, you can go to the village of Nyaungshwe to explore the lives of local people. (Inle lake tour)

    7. Sunset Cruises:

    Myanmar has a coastline of 2,000 km. Most beaches here are facing west, so visitors often come here to admire the wonderful sunsets. The most famous beach is Ngapali, Chaung Thar Ngwesaung and. (Refer: Myanmar beach destinations)
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    Myanmar is really a magical & a wonderful place definitely guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure. It's one of my favourite travel destinations in Asia, and I never miss Mandalay Hill whenever I visit to Myanmar. It's such a wonderful pilgrimage site, and a good sunrise spot.
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